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Levitate blades _ how to design a prosthesis

Lasse Madsen of Levitate on how to design a prosthesis that easily adjusts to any body

February 21, 2023 6:12 pm Published by

Levitate blades address a number of problems that any active person who suffered an amputation due to a traumatic event face in daily life. Levitate revolutionized the process resolving all the above, specifically for what concerns sport blades.  Danish designer and engineer Lasse Madsen created a modular prosthesis that easily adjusts to any body.  An affordable, self mounting, durable and user driven sport gear for all amputees, not just paralympic athletes.  It costs about 2.000 USD, it is sold online and it comes with a mounting kit that allows the user to self manage the fitting.  Three sizes address any […]

Renault SYMBIOZ concept car design _ fabric Bloko by Aleksandra Gaca

Designing cars from inside out: how interior car design is setting the pace

February 1, 2023 7:46 pm Published by

Remember the flying vehicles of sci-fi movies in the Eighties? Smooth forms, vibrant colors and aerodynamic shapes.  Brace, because that’s exactly where we are heading in automotive design.  Cars will not fly, but they will be driven by AI and will have fully electric engines.  What does all this mean for car design?  First of all from a practical perspective there is no logical reason why an autonomous car (with an electric engine) should look like one of today’s cars.  Secondly, it will almost naturally occur that a lot more attention will be put on the interiors (for the simple […]

Chief Design Officer (for a city vs a company) - cover

Chief Design Officer (for a city vs a company)

January 16, 2023 10:03 pm Published by

The Chief Design Officer is a relatively new profession and title.  There are so few of them in the world that they can be comfortably listed on one scroll of a Wikipedia page. While most CDOs work in large corporations, though, some offer their services within the Councils of Cities that clearly believe in design as a change agent. One of these cities is Helsinki, whose current Chief Design Officer Hanna Harris (the second person to hold this post since its creation in 2016) has explained to us what the job entails, what she looks for in the collaborators she […]

Insights on disability help designers design for all _ Interview with Emily Siira

Insights on disability help designers design for all

December 15, 2022 3:13 pm Published by

Every industrial designer should experience a disability of some sort. It sounds like a harsh way to learn. Yet if it came to be, many problems related to accessibility and ease of use would never come to exist. Most products, though, are designed by people who can move, see, experience objects and life with no issues whatsoever for people who are the same as them. Disability becomes central in briefs only when a team is designing very particular (often medical-related) categories of items. Which, of course, doesn’t make sense: there is statistical certainty that a majority of the population will […]

Cosmic angel ceiling lamp x artemide - 10 iconic designs by Ross Lovegrove - cover

10 iconic designs by Ross Lovegrove

December 9, 2022 7:04 am Published by

An esthetic that combines impressive thoughtfulness with new technologies and surprising materials – these are the principles that have guided the work of Welsh industrial designer […]