Pegah Villa is redefining contextual architecture through active spaces

Pegah Villa is an ultra-minimal and modern residence design in Iran which focuses on the surroundings of the site to merge with its natural backgrounds.

Pegah villa is located in an 1100 sqm garden surrounded by fruit trees which gives it a unique charm and beauty all the year. This garden is located west of Tehran province in Shahriar city. Facing this context, the main goal was to reinforce the relationship between the project and the context by using an active space.

Adding an intermediate space could be the answer.

Pegah Villa has a semi-transparent material covered courtyard
Semi-transparent material use to keep the natural environment connected to habitants

The connection with the outside was formed not only with openness but by an intermediate wrapper volume, hybrid spaces that are outside and inside at the same time. Outside because they involve nature elements and fresh air and inside because they have clear boundaries intermediary space.

Pegah Villa and its minimalist design
Pegah Villa’s minimalistic design approach contrasts with nature surroundings

The intermediate space works just like a net, flatten over the area due to the active space and connecting to the building and integrating with it, encompasses the trees.

Pegah Villa's clean and white interiors highlight nature
Pegah Villa’s clean and white interiors highlight the natural elements in the house

The intermediate space makes a semitransparent space that makes a vocal interaction in addition to a sensational and visual interaction. In other words, what happened in this project was a unification of the internal space with the intermediate space alongside the surroundings.

pegah villa exterior
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