An award-winning pen with a minimalist design

…will Inspire the next generation of creators

KOSMOS pen by Stilform combines a revolutionary new mechanism with an intuitive and minimal design and is now live on Kickstarter to come to life.



A 2016 Winner of the Red Dot Product Design Award, the KOSMOS is a pen seeking a spot in every creative’s daily essentials.

We designed KOSMOS with the intention to be a daily companion. Regardless of the occasion or the style you choose, KOSMOS will blend in perfectly, because of its subtle but distinct design,” says founder Christoph Bohrer.

Make your choice from four colors for an ideal match with your individual fashion and accessories.”




The KOSMOS pen features a groundbreaking new design that unlocks the pen with a simple shift of the cap.

The magnetic forces inside KOSMOS are perfectly balanced and a strong Neodymium magnet holds the cap safely in the idle and writing position.
Each part of KOSMOS is lathed from a solid block of a highly durable aluminum alloy known for its strength and frequently used in aerospace engineering.

The KOSMOS pen in 4 distinct finishes that pair up perfectly with many of Apple’s own devices:

  • comet grey
  • star silver
  • galaxy gold
  • rose moon


KOSMOS pen and the Golden Ratio




The Golden Ratio is a universal pattern that can be observed in so many structures found in nature: from the balanced proportions of tiny butterfly wings up to the hypnotic whorls of giant spiral galaxies.

This ratio equals 1.618 and has been used by great painters like Leonardo da Vinci and other creative minds throughout history.

The fact that the beauty of natural beings can actually be described by a mathematical principle inspired us during every aspect of the KOSMOS design process.

We have put a lot of effort into applying the Golden Ratio to every component of the pen. The result looks now very clean, minimalistic and beautiful.

About stilform

stilform is a small design studio based in Munich, which is operated by Christoph Bohrer, Alexander Schmitke and Martin Wagner.

It was founded in 2013 and creates products in the area of home & living as well as diverse industrial products.

Always with the focus on creating visually appealing products with clear lines and esthetic form language, attributes like emotions, function and innovation are of utmost importance in the design process.

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