A versatile planter for virtually any vertical surface

Livi is a vivid creature that reimagines the way we relate to plants!

Sometimes even the most simple everyday items can benefit from a little bit of outside the box thinking.

Take the humble flower pot. It might seem like a perfectly functional solution to growing plants inside the home, but isn’t there a better way?

Well, creators of the Livi planter certainly think so, with the product allowing you to position plants on both vertical and horizontal surfaces, while giving them a little more character.

The project is currently seeking crowdfunding backers via Kickstarter.




Imagine being able to create your own vertical garden right on your window or wall in just a few minutes.

That’s exactly what Livi, a playful new planter prototype by designer Hooman Koliji, allows you to do with its unique micro-suction “palms” that grip onto various surfaces in just seconds without screws, nails, or glue.

You can use Livi to pop an air succulent on the back of your laptop or stick some fresh herbs right onto your kitchen wall, and then restick them with ease when you’re in the mood for a change.



There’s nothing exactly revolutionary about the Livi planter.

It’s essentially just a flower pot that you can also stick to windows and other surfaces, but the projects creators hope that it will change the way we view plants, driving home the fact that they’re living entities by making them, well, cuter.

We believe that by reimagining the most ordinary everyday products in innovative ways, we can create treasured experiences that enhance our environment and impact our well-being.” – said Hooman Koliji –

That is why we created Livi, a colorful creature that reimagines the way we experience and relate to our plants. Livi is a versatile portable planter for virtually any vertical surface.”




Livi does not require any assembly and is ready to attach to a window (or other surface) in your home or office with a gentle push.

Inspired by nature, Livi’s micro-suction palms are made of an innovative nanotechnology material that is able to bond with smooth surfaces repeatedly, including windows!






How does it work? Easy and playful!

  • Remove the protective film from Livi’s palms (micro-suction)
  • Simply place a size-appropriate planter pot inside Livi. (Alternatively, you can fill Livi with nutrient-rich soil and then directly plant your flowers, herbs or greenery within.)
  • Stick Livi to your window. Enjoy adorning your windows and turning them into a beautiful vertical garden.




The early prototypes of the planter were made using a Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer, allowing the team to quickly revise and test the product during development.

It’s a simple idea, but provides an attractive way to grow plants inside, on windows, stuck to the side of your fridge, or pretty much anywhere there’s a flat surface.


Images courtesy of Livi
Via Gizmag


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