Design Mindset

Creativity is overestimated (unless you know what to do with it)


Ideas (even great ones) are worth nothing if you don’t act on them. In order to do so, you need to know what abilities you lack, to join forces with those who have them, and to understand the context you design for

Many years ago, in 1999, I listened to a Ron Arad lesson at the Domus Academy in Milan.  I remember a darkened room, Arad wearing his incomprehensible furry hat with earmuffs and the silence that fell on the audience when he said: “You think ideas have a great value but ideas are worth nothing. Anyone can have ideas. What matters is what you are able to do with them”. Dunne & Raby, Robot 4- Needy One, from Technological Dream Series- No. 1, Robots, 2007 I don’t know what students brought home from that talk because no-one commented on what Ron…

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