Five reasons to choose co-working over the traditional office

Find out all the pros of experiencing a co-working space, thanks to the way it is conceived and designed.

September is that period of the year, almost like January, in which you usually start to plan something new and hope that something different happens.

Holidays are over, summer is coming to an end, kids are going back to school, and work restarts with renewed energy – or you hope so! You think about the next season, Christmas, maybe the gym. 

This September arrives maybe with different perspectives. Covid-19 pandemic has radically changed the way we live and work.

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Technology and home working had a positive impact on our lives but maybe now it’s time to leave your comfortable home and come back to office life – even if you never had once before!

There are several reasons why you can choose a co-working space now and start your brand new adventure outside your comfort zone, go on reading and find out our favorite five.

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1. Change of mindset

Co-working space designs can change your day. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of Marie Kondo or a Feng Shui addicted, it’s a fact that working spaces affect your state of mind.

The average person spends roughly one-third of its life working. It’s important to spend these hours in a place that makes you feel physically and emotionally good.

Most co-working centers have a good balance of productive space and collaborative areas where you can ‘feel’ creative and innovation can take place.

The spaces are bright, full of light, greenery and plants and everything is designed to make you feel good so that productivity is maximized.

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Copernico work stations

2. Creativity can thrive, a business can grow

Generally co-working spaces have no barriers, they have open spaces equipped with ergonomic chairs and desks, private offices if you need to concentrate, and informal areas with sofas, ottomans or even hammocks or swings if you want to brainstorm with others or just stay in a quiet space to relax or think about a new idea.

There are usually cafés or break areas with generally warm colors, and there are also objects such as blackboards and lockers that can help you organize your daily life.

Co-working spaces can help you have a fresh look at things; allowing creativity without borders. Ideas can spring naturally and can be transformed into something great: a new project or a new business. 

Copernico work stations in Zuretti

3. People can flourish

Co-working environments are designed for people; you can feel safe as all the safety protocols are followed, from temperature screening to distance maintenance, and the rigorous application of hygiene rules.

At co-working spaces, there are areas where you can be alone, but there are also other people with whom you can talk, exchange ideas, and grow.

Whether you work for yourself or for a larger company, co-working can allow you to learn from others and their experience across various industries. Co-working places are ideal to defeat the fear of loneliness, where even if you are a freelancer, you still feel part of a larger community.

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4. The quality of life improves (and so does that of work)

In a co-working space, you can explore the concept of remote working at the highest level.

Whether you are there to stay focused on your PC or to meet colleagues or partners, you are in your workspace and you will have no need to worry about other things for the time you are there.

Once out of the co-working area, your working day should be over. As you are ‘disconnected’ from work, you can dedicate your time to your private life: family, friends, pets, or just being at home having a well-deserved relaxation time.

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5. Improve your image and optimize your costs

In a co-working area, you can be alone and still have the right space-size for you, because there are a variety of work areas that you can use according to your needs.

You can rent a room for a formal meeting, for a press conference or for celebrating your success with a party. You can have a place and services for hosting your guests with the confidence that it will represent you and your brand.

Besides this, you can choose the place that is closest to your customers. For example, if you collaborate with fashion, your selected co-working space could be settled in a trendy area with iconic furnishing.

Furthermore, the co-working place of choice can set the mood. If you collaborate with the world of finance, an elegant interior design with clean lines might communicate your formal attitude; or if you collaborate at the innovation sector, your co-working place might possibly have have warm colors, and informal, comfortable seats to allow the room be full of creative energy.

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