Design brings people together: launch of exclusive Red Dot Network

For decades, the Red Dot Award has been a force that brings together companies, agencies and designers from across the globe.

The competition and various international activities have given rise to a global community, a community that will be given a suitable home from 1 October 2019 in the form of the Red Dot Network.

The network is Red Dot’s response to the desire of participants and industry experts to lend visibility to this established design world and allow members to use it productively.

The RDN is a platform to bring together companies, agencies, designers, jurors and those interested in design, creating a unique design network.

Members will have direct contact to other award winners, designers, companies and the big names in the industry as well as access to numerous special services.

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Red Dot Network, a premium curated network

Because any network is only as strong as its users, special emphasis will be placed on selecting the companies and designers that will bring this network to life.

Membership of the RDN is open to anyone proposed by an ambassador of the network, known as a ‘Red Dot Ambassador’.

An ambassador of the RDN is a renowned professional from the international design scene.

Generally, the ambassador is a juror in the Red Dot Award: Product Design, Red Dot Award: Brands and Communication Design or Red Dot Award: Concept Design competition.

A Red Dot Ambassador is appointed, represents the RDN and performs the role on a voluntary basis.

Companies, individuals or designers can also apply for fee-paying membership.

Here, too, it is the panel of ambassadors that takes the final decision on inclusion in the network.

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Be in touch with the best in the industry

Members benefit from access to the members-only section of the website with the following features: 

  • Access to an online database listing all of the winners of the three Red Dot competitions since 2011 (approx. 23,000 entries as of 2019)
  • Selected industry analyses by the Red Dot Institute
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Secure unique benefits when taking part in a competition

Red Dot Members that take part in a competition of the Red Dot Award will also have further benefits tailored to their needs. These include: 

  • A total of two free entries per year to the Red Dot Award: Product Design, Red Dot Award: Brands and Communication Design or Red Dot: Concept Design competitions 
  • Preferential treatment when booking tickets for the gala events for the Red Dot Award: Product Design, Red Dot Award: Brands and Communication Design or Red Dot Award: Concept Design award ceremonies.
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Use the advantages of membership for exhibitions and events

Other services related to membership include: 

  • Advertising for own events in the public section of the website that have been confirmed by a commission as ‘Endorsed by Red Dot Network’.
  • Free entry to the Red Dot Design Museums and the exhibitions organised by Red Dot
  • Preferential treatment when booking free tickets for congresses, conferences and other events organised by Red Dot
  • Discounts for publications from Red Dot Edition

Spread news of membership with an exclusive label

As an additional benefit, each member can use the Red Dot Network label online and in all of their communications.

The label distinguishes Red Dot Members as part of the exclusive design network.

You can find further information on the Red Dot Ambassadors and on the application and membership process at:

Red Dot Gala Night _ Essen 2019 _ Product Design Award
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