Circus Roncalli chooses holograms over flesh for animal shows

Germany-based Circus Roncalli has marked the beginning of a cruelty-free era for circus shows. Removing the misery of animals yet delivering delight to its visitors, realistic hologram projected animals move in front of the audience, animated by computer software.

The circus has always represented a special moment for beautiful childhood memories. Animals doing acrobatics, jumping through fire hoops and dancing to the rhythm. A magical experience as a child, but growing up we realize the state of constant fear, torture and repression that animals go through to prepare and take part in the live shows.

Roncalli hologram circus projected elephant

Director of Circus Roncalli, Bernhard Paul shares his original and modern idea of a circus: “I had the desire to show animals in the circus in a poetic and modern way. When I saw Justin Timberlake in the Superbowl singing with Prince, who has already passed away, I was very impressed with the holographic technique and got into it.”

The circus outline is planned strategically with 11 Optoma ZU850  projectors, long-range lasers and lenses which provide an exceptional show. For perfect render and illumination of the hologram, high contrast projectors are used in the setup.

Roncalli  Hologram circus horses

After this immersive altered-reality experience, the audience is left with a fresh look on circus culture and curious of further integration of digital technologies in traditional entertainment industries.

Roncalli  Hologram circus Fishes
Roncalli  hologram circus projections
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