Olafur Eliasson with IKEA will bring the sun to your room

Solar power is the most popular renewable energy as the growth is expected to be $422 billion in 2022, as compared to $86 billion in 2015, and SAMMANLÄNKAD project by Olafur and IKEA suggests a democratic use of solar energy for the future.

Across 196 countries in the world, over 7 billion people experience innumerable different lives yet they share the light and energy of the very same sun. The project SAMMANLÄNKAD by artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen in collaboration with IKEA brings the centre of the solar system back to the centre of attention.

The solar accessories by Olafur Eliasson and IKEA

SAMMANLÄNKAD is a conceptual solar accessory collection for everyday life which brings awareness on responsible use of energy.

Due to lack of availability of electricity, a lot of problems exists after sunset such as a drop in access to education and shorter working hours. The project also aims to bring attention to issues faced by the people deprived of an accessible electric-grid.

SAMMANLÄNKAD , conceptual solar

The circular solar-power unit can be recharged by attaching it to a window during the daylight to capture the energy. Once the energy is restored, it helps to charge devices and also provide power solutions for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Imitating the solar system, this collection comprises of circular solar units and elliptical frames reflecting the rotation course of planets around the sun. The first prototypes were revealed in May 2019.

The solar accessories

SAMMANLÄNKAD means ‘connected’ in Swedish. Being true to its meaning this project connects people to the sun as a sustainable and responsible source of energy.

While keeping in mind the record-breaking carbon footprint increase leading to a global shift in the mindset of the people towards a sustainable lifestyle, this solar power project will be a small step towards the environmental threat encouraging IKEA customers to embrace an energy-conscious lifestyle.