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These terracotta planters serve a quadruple function

Basque studio Iratzoki Lizaso collaborated with a third-generation pottery workshop to create these versatile plant pots.

The project

Created by Basque studio Iratzoki Lizaso, the design concept behind the Lur collection revolves around the idea of multi-functional furniture. As such, each piece serves a quadruple purpose: first, as a decorative planter and then, as a seat, shelf and coffee table. To create the Lur collection, Iratzoki Lizaso collaborated with Goicoechea Pottery, a third-generation family-run workshop that transforms clay from its own quarry to create beautiful rose terracotta.

The result is a collection of planters of various sizes and a bistro table defined by smooth curves, a distinct texture and warm aesthetic. A closer look at the design reveals simple silhouettes and a wooden top with an off-centre opening to accommodate flower pots. Meanwhile, the bistro table sports a solid oak top and stem set in a terracotta base.

‘Living and changing decoration’

What’s great about Lur is its versatility. The earthy aesthetic would look good in both working and living environments. They would work particularly well in public spaces where biophilic design is becoming increasingly popular. “The idea of being able to incorporate vegetation into our interiors using pots that are also supports or coffee tables is part of our proposal for living and changing decoration,” says Iratzoki Lizaso.

A close second is the way the collection is made. To realise the collection, Iratzoki Lizaso worked with Alki, a local design cooperative whose mission is to create jobs by combining ancestral traditions and modern technology. One of the characteristics of the Alki cooperative is to seek collaborations with local companies, which is why the historical pottery studio Goiocechea got involved, thus combining different materials and artisanal skills.

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