Ridge Carousel

Inspired by the forms of coral reefs, Ridge is a pod holder for the revolutionary instant coffee cups. The Ridge Coffee Pod Carousel is a stylish coffee pod organizer for 25 coffee pods. With a minimal countertop footprint, it delivers users the option to choose between different types of coffee. Its sculptural design conveys a sense of dynamic flow and lends it a pleasing tactility and feel. The harmoniously curved ridges create an enticing interplay of dynamic light reflections. The Coffee Pod Carousel comprises five levels that have been brought together with innovative laser welding.

Plum Series 2

The Plum Stool is a concept that organically combines structure, form, and material into one. The aerodynamic form of the Plum Stool emulates the way that natural forms grow and evolve, always aiming for efficiency. The name Plum is a derivative of the word “Pluma” in Spanish which translates to “Feather”; hence, capturing the idea that by combining new material, form creation, and structural logic you can accomplish astonishing lightness.

Pure Collection

Elevate your bar with the Pure collection – and give new life to your entertainment tools. Riffled lines from the Functionalist period are applied with a distinct touch of elegance on contemporary sensual sculpted bodies in stainless steel.