Project 1: X Modular Table System

We get inspiration from geometric structures in the nature creating X modular table system. With various components of the system, it’s possible to compose tables of various heights for different function, proper for home, showroom, exhibition, outdoor space and more.

Injection molding plastic as material and production technique, it takes advantage of modular design to maximize function variety and facilitate repairing to extend the product life cycle, and meanwhile also to minimize the consumption of production costs and resources.

Project 2: VORTEX Stool

We explore constantly the logic between form & nature in industrial manufacture and look for the possibility to convert it into art creation. The inspiration comes from the fluid mechanics and the manufacturing processes of ship propeller.

The swirling structure is used to capture the beauty of fluid flow, and the features of metal material are meant to catch the track of the time, creating unique texture and vitality. This creation is made by lost wax casting and has two versions: stainless steel or bronze.


Project 3: TERRAIN Scultpure Wall Installation

We always keep searching connection between art and nature in technological manufacturing processes to create and upgrade further value and possibilities of recycling. TERRAIN is a sculpture wall installation created to explore relationship between people and space, between nature and technology. Walking along the installation, through visually penetrating effect given by the holes on the wall, people can experience various perspective and have completely new dialogues and interaction with space around and with the installation itself.

The inspiration comes from natural terrain such as rock cave and canyon, formed layer by layer as time goes on, which is exactly the same logic and principle of 3D printing. The intention is to create a terrain-like wall installation simulating natural rock texture through this technological manufacturing process.

This is a co-branding project of HSIANG HAN DESIGN from Taiwan and Italian CARACOL robotic 3D printing company, using recycled PP plastic, and printed by large scale 3D printing technology. With this project, we desire to integrate technology and circle concept through artistic creation, and by this, to rise the value of artistry and recycling, giving to waste a new life full of its unique vitality.


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