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    Exclusive Made in Italy manufacturing, top quality materials, technical capability for tailor made solutions, a flair for technology and design: these are the elements that combine to make MASIERO unique.

    With a 40 years story of family company, MASIERO produces high-end decorative lighting, with a taste for metals processing. Each product comes to life within the headquarter in Casale Sul Sile (Treviso), where the specialized production chain covers the entire cycle: from the processing of raw materials to the forging of individual parts, from painting to assembly, to artistic finishes created by the expert hands of decorators, up to electrical testing, packing and shipping.


    Masiero Papilio S3

    Masiero Papilio S3


    The artisanal production and the internal management of the whole process, allow the customization even of single items, the ability to adapt to individual customer needs, and the delivery in a short time.

    The traditional Venetian chandeliers, with their arms covered in glass, with their swirls and rich pendants, are now the starting point for conceptual and technological innovations.


    Masiero Sound STL5 _ Bicolor

    Masiero Sound STL5 Bicolor


    Innovations achieved through research and testing on new light sources, the latest lighting solutions, and on the applications of home automation, with international patent pending inventions.

    Innovations that brought the decorative lighting defined by MASIERO towards new horizons, closer to the architectural light, but by designing and coloring the environment with a wealth of style.


    Masiero HORO S1

    Masiero HORO S1


    The company has a broad international scope, with a range of products that satisfy different tastes and needs.

    However, it is deeply rooted in its land of origin, from which it draws experience, tradition and style. From Italy to Russia, from the United States to South America, from Middle East to Japan, MASIERO lighting collections and installations are in demand in 80 different countries.


    Masiero HOTO TL

    Masiero HORO TL


    Main Clients

    Voltex – Espace Lumiere – The Lighting Store – Bredaquaranta – Thesign – L’Ambiente – Casa Finest Living – REMAGEN Ideen für Licht + Raum – Oliva Iluminaciòn – Pedro Peña – Rango – Trio – Salon Line – Rossi – Alterlight – Mik – Huda Lighting – Star-Living – Tiamantti – Casa Design Group – Lightform Canada – Cassoni USA – Cassoni South America – Tepta – Special Lights – Yamagiwa – Glam Lighting