The Weight of light gets 3D printed

The Weight lamp, a creation by designer Sam Gwilt certainly is a play on the word “Light” as it creates an optical illusion of being heavy. The design describes a light orb flawlessly descending onto the platform and naturally deforming it by its weight.

Sam Gwilt The Weight 1

In 2018, Sam launched his own YouTube channel  Sam_Does_Design, a thorough platform to share his design processes, educating his audience through tutorials and portfolio reviews.

Sam Gwilt The Weight 2

After Sam_Does_Design was established, Sam was approached by Gantri. The online platform provides emerging designers the production support needed to transform a concept into a real product and sell it to consumers.

The Weight, as a result of this collaboration, is a 3D printed state of the art and radical lamp, made from a simple corn-based polymer. The Weight is available in 3 colors, exploring different materials and surfaces – carbon, fog, and sand – all painted with a finish commonly found on luxury yachts.

Sam Gwilt The Weight 3

Its compact size makes this lamp a perfect source of 360-degree soft ambient light suitable for modern interior spaces.

Sam Gwilt's lamp positioned in a classy interior setting
3D printed lamp by Sam Gwilt
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