Ventura Centrale and Ventura Future 2019: Announcing All Exhibitors

Celebrating 10 Years of Ventura Projects, at Milan Design Week 2019

As Milan Design week (9-14 April) is getting closer, it is our great pleasure to provide you with a complete list of what you can expect from both Ventura Centrale and Ventura Future.

At Ventura Centrale you will be blown away by 17 majestic installations by renowned international companies, design labels and studios.

At Ventura Future – in partnership with BASE Milano – you can enjoy a selection of 83 international designers, creative studios, academies and labels presenting revolutionary, innovative and ground-breaking design focused on future visions.

Come to light by Luca Moreni e Roberto de Zorzi
Photo credits @ Ivana Spa

View the full list of exhibitors of Ventura Centrale and Ventura Future, or click on the images below.

Make sure you don’t miss anyone and scroll all the way down for a complete overview.

Insectology food for Buzz
Photo credit to @Jannekevanderpol

Ventura Future

Want to be inspired by the future of design? 

Get amazed, excited and encouraged at Ventura Future, an exhibition area packed full of astonishing, contemporary and innovative design with a specific focus on future visions by international designers, design studios, companies and academies.

Skip the queue and buy your ticket now

Tickets for Ventura Future are currently on sale. Click here to buy a ticket or click on the image below.

The entrance fee is 5 euros and the ticket provides access to the Ventura Future and BASE exhibitions and to the evening music events of BASE throughout Milan Design Week, from 9 – 14 April.

Tell me more - rapt studio


BASE Milano (2 entrances)
Main entrance: Via Tortona 54, Milan, Italy
Second entrance: Via Bergognone 34, Milan, Italy

Opening hours

Tue 9 April – Sat 13 April: 09:30 – 20:00
Wed 10 April (Open evening): 20:00 – 22:00
Sun 14 April: 09:30 – 18:00

Hydroformed radiator
Photo credit @ Dieter B Acquaert_3

Ventura Centrale

Want to be blown away by impressive shows? 

At Ventura Centrale the massive industrial warehouses under the Milan Central Station will once again be filled with mind-boggling installations by renowned international companies, design labels and studios.


Via Ferrante Aporti 7bis – 31bis, Milan, Italy
Press/info desk: Via Ferrante Aporti 9, Milan, Italy

Opening hours

Tue 9 April – Sat 13 April: 10:00 – 20:00
Sun 14 April: 10:00 – 18:00

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