DAY #3: On Tuesday it was all about the Americas, but Wednesday Asia called

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With pancakes, blueberry muffins  and refill coffee we kicked off the day with our network breakfast at the Diner at Ventura Centrale.

It was a pleasure to introduce our contacts to each other and find connections that are fruitful.

Yesterday fashion was all around.

Paul Smith paid a visit to our venues and, like every year, we gave Hermès an exclusive tour, where we shed light on the current trends and connected them to potential new collaborations.

In between it all I ran from photo shoot to interview to photo shoot, trying to tell as many journalists about what we present this year.

Ventura Projects - Milan Design Week 2018

On Tuesday it was all about the Americas, but Wednesday Asia called.

We have seen the number of Asian exhibitors grow throughout the years and it is time to explore the options for Ventura in Singapore, Taiwan and China! I had lunch with two members of the Singaporean Design Council to keep warm the relations I made last year when I visited Singapore and over coffee discussed the possibilities of organizing projects in Taiwan. I concluded the day by showing around 20 Chinese managers working in the field of design.

In the evening I sat down for dinner with two ladies I strongly admire: Lidewij Edelkoort and Rossana Orlandi.

Lidewij and I have worked a lot together, now and in the past and Rossana is a true Milanese inspiration. We ladies rock the design week! What a way to end this Wednesday!

A domani!

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