Last DAY of Milan Design Week ’18: the 9th edition of Ventura Projects is a fact

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It’s a wrap!!

The 9th edition of Ventura Projects in Milan is a fact.

I can say that this year was one of the best events we’ve ever set-up.

We received so many positive responses, from exhibitors, press and visitors.

But also from designers that I respect and whose opinions help me to develop in the right direction.

We are looking forward to hear more from everybody, positive and critical, so we can take it with us for the next editions.


Ventura Projects _ Milan Design Week 2018 _ 3

Huge billboards of the project manager of Ventura Projects Fulvia Ramogida all around Milano


This was my 19th Salone and I can honestly not remember I’ve ever been as busy as I’ve been this week….

First days were full of meetings with press to promote the designers as best as possible.

To do so, I always make a special tour around all the exhibitions on Monday so I know all the stories and backgrounds.

Other appointments were with international business contacts to establish relations for the future of the Ventura Projects events.


Ventura Projects _ Milan Design Week 2018 _ 5

With Spencer Bailey celebrating the successful collaboration of Ventura Centrale, Surface, the Rockwell Group and 2×4 at The Diner


This year we organized for the first time two special breakfasts for our close relations.

It was important to take the time to introduce people to each other – because that’s a big part of why we are here, to make connections and to build new relationships.

The only downside is that with five opening parties every evening, early mornings have proven a bit of a challenge…;)


Ventura Projects _ Milan Design Week 2018 _ 4

Interview with our Giacomo Valentini in Corriere della Sera recognizing all the hard work that’s put in by my production men


To be honest, I only saw a fraction of what I hoped to see this week.

Luckily, I could glance around during the special events in the evenings.

Some of the Milano design week classics were the party at Stefano Giovannoni, the diner at Rossana Orlandi and the drinks at Bar Basso.


Ventura Projects _ Milan Design Week 2018 _ Bar Baso

An essential classic – sbagliatos at Bar Basso


A special tour around Ventura Future and Ventura Centrale with my 6 year old daughter was amazing, to see her responses and to show her why her mother was so busy the last months.

I want to thank all of this year’s exhibitors for jumping on board with me and showing the crème de la crème of design; to congratulate the exhibitors that won awards this week; to thank all of the journalists who came, saw and wrote; I also want to highlight the amazing collaborations we had this year with all our partners and media partners.


Ventura Projects _ Milan Design Week 2018 _ 2

Design Soil students leaving Ventura Future


…And a huge applause for my team, no Ventura Projects without them – you rock!!!

I’m exhausted, but have so much new inspiration, contacts and ideas.

You’ll hear from me soon, I promise!

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