African heritage through local artists at Dubai Design Week 2019

Villa Africa is a visionary design practice collaborating with local talented artists. Producing a unique story-driven range of African inspired art and furniture.

Philip Tyres, the founder of Villa Africa, opened his first retail design store in 1991 and created a unique wood sculpted range of furniture inspired by Africa. Since then, Philip has been successfully producing a sophisticated collection of furniture, sculptures and art pieces in an array of contemporary materials in collaboration with some of South Africa’s most talented artists.

Villa Africa's cabinet design
Villa Africa’s cabinet design representing African tribes

The design studio specializes in luxury art-driven interior design, offering personalized design, complete service, and an artistic tale. Each piece is a work-of-art combining strong visuals and African heritage.

Villa Africa's table design
Villa Africa is bringing contemporary African designs into the world

One of the major collaborators of Villa Africa interior design studio is Tiagre; a contemporary urban artist from South Africa. Tiagr’s portraits are a study of a new emerging urban class of Africans connected to International culture through technology and yet still connected to traditional tribal beliefs through their heritage.

Tiagre and Villa Africa's collaboration
Tiagre’s urban wood etched portrait combined with Villa Africa’s creative furniture design

Tiagre seamlessly combines the past and future into a tactile style that speaks digitally to an Africa by carving its design language in symbolic tribal pieces. It is an effort of the artists’ vision in the future while paying tribute to the past.

Villa Africa's unique creations
Villa Africa's approach to promote local artists
Villa Africa's table design
Villa Africa design studio
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