From Kyoto to the World – celebrating the 2023 Kyoto Global Design Awards

Delighted to introduce the highly anticipated Designers’ Night, a central highlight of the 2023 Kyoto Global Design Awards (KGDA), a one-day celebration dedicated to the essence of design

Scheduled for November 15th, 2023, the Kyoto Global Design Awards event kicks off with the captivating Ikebana Experience, continues with a showcase of traditional arts and crafts, and culminates in the thrilling Designer’s Night.

KGDA offers a comprehensive platform for creative talents from around the world, regardless of their backgrounds or nationalities. Since its establishment in 2019, KGDA has transformed into a prestigious international design competition known for its unwavering commitment to recognizing exceptional design innovation. The competition spans seven distinct categories, including Visual, Real Estate, Trend, Environment, Restaurant/Hotel/Bar, Industrial, and Theory.

Beauty of ikebana – © IKENOBO IKEBANA / 2023 Kyoto Global Design Awards

At the heart of Kyoto Global Design Awards’ philosophy lies the core principle of Sustainable Design: Reduce, Reuse, Reform—a symbol of their steadfast dedication to embracing ecological wisdom and promoting a harmonious relationship with the environment.

As the upcoming year’s event draws near, the competition has attracted an impressive level of engagement, with over 500 innovative individuals participating. This celebration goes beyond a mere day of recognition; it amplifies the outstanding skills and contributions of designers and embodies the spirit of all participants committed to the essential ideals of building a sustainable future.

Ace-Hotel-Kyoto_PIOPIKO-Lounge-2(photo credit Yoshihiro Makino) - Kyoto Global Design Awards - designers night _ Celebration 2023
Ace Hotel Kyoto – © Yoshihiro Makino / 2023 Kyoto Global Design Awards

Distinguished winners, esteemed judges, and valued partners of KGDA, including prominent organizations such as Design Week Kyoto and the Asia Designer Communication Platform (ADP), will come together to grace this momentous occasion with their presence.

For this year’s celebration, Kyoto Global Design Awards has thoughtfully chosen three exceptional venues in Kyoto to host our events, each symbolizing a distinct aspect of the city’s vibrant cultural heritage.

Ace Hotel Kyoto (Shinpuhkan)

A masterpiece conceived by the renowned architect Kengo Kuma. This hotel boasts 213 opulent rooms, skillfully blending contemporary design with a historical fragment that once served as the home of the Kyoto Central Telephone Company, designed by Tetsuro Yoshida.

Serving as a genuine “Cultural Catalyst,” the hotel embodies the very essence of Kyoto, encompassing its natural beauty, artistry, evolving culture, craftsmanship, and rich history. With its vibrant ambiance and profound cultural significance, the Ace Hotel Kyoto stands as an iconic monument that rejuvenates the surroundings, inspiring both visitors and locals to engage deeply with art and culture.

Ace Hotel Kyoto - photo credit Kawasumi-Kobayashi Kenji Photograph Office - Kyoto Global Design Awards - designers night _ Celebration 2023
Ace Hotel Kyoto – © Kawasumi-Kobayashi Kenji Photograph Office / 2023 Kyoto Global Design Awards

Rokkakudo & Ikebana History Museum

At the heart of Kyoto City, one can find the esteemed Rokkakudo Temple, a place revered as the birthsite of the renowned Japanese art form of flower arrangement known as “ikebana.” Situated adjacent to the temple, the “navel stone,” a hexagonal stone structure, serves as a symbol of the city’s core.

This sacred area is adorned with monuments that pay tribute to the origins of “ikebana.” These meticulously crafted floral compositions capture the very essence of the flowers and the emotions they evoke, presenting an elegant fusion of nature and sentiment. To immerse oneself in Kyoto’s rich cultural heritage, one can explore the “Ikebana History Museum,” where a deeper understanding of the intricate art of “ikebana” can be gained.

六角堂(頂法寺本堂) - please mention the photo credit by IKENOBO IKEBANA
六角堂(頂法寺本堂) – © IKENOBO IKEBANA / 2023 Kyoto Global Design Awards

Gallery of Kyoto Traditional Arts & Crafts

Nestled within Kyoto’s rich and time-honored heritage, this city serves as a prime example of Japan’s unparalleled mastery of craftsmanship. At the heart of it all, the Gallery of Kyoto Traditional Arts & Crafts stands as a sanctuary, dedicated to preserving and cherishing the city’s invaluable artisanal traditions.

Within its walls, an all-encompassing collection pays homage to nearly every Kyoto tradition, safeguarded to interlace the threads of history into the vibrant tapestry of today.

いけばな資料館風景 – © IKENOBO IKEBANA / 2023 Kyoto Global Design Awards

Beyond its role as a mere showcase for Kyoto’s enduring artistic prowess, this gallery serves as a gathering place to champion a Global Design Initiative: the Kyoto Declaration. This declaration represents a commitment to shaping a sustainable future, extending the essence of tradition into the realm of innovation, and forging a bridge between the past and the future.


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