Design for Good: 5VIE Design Week returns to Milan

Design for Good is not just a play on words: it is a wish that design is “for real” and oriented towards a common good

5VIE Design Week is back for its tenth edition, showcasing artistic and collectible design, high craftsmanship, and the intersection of design with the fields of art and creativity. This year’s event returns to the district of of Milan’s historical center, between Corso Magenta, Sant’Ambrogio, and Le Colonne di San Lorenzo.

More than just a design district, 5VIE is a cultural producer that aims to reflect on the state of the discipline. Each year, artists, designers, and curators are invited to explore a specific aspect of the theme.

ARC studio Perlini _ My Fun - 5VIE Design Week _ Milan Design Week 2023
© ARC studio Perlini, My Fun

For the 2023 event, titled Design for Good, 5VIE has partnered with international creatives to produce six installations that focus on sustainability rooted in mutual care.

Design for Good explores the potential of design as a tool for creating deep human connections. Exhibitions and installations produced by 5VIE address themes such as spirituality, the connection with nature, and the notion of connection.

The intention is to emphasize how design can connect people beyond borders and diversity, becoming a tool for constructing values.

Fondazione Officine Saffi _ Unused Argilla _ Pantelleria 2021
© Fondazione Officine Saffi, Unused Argilla, Pantelleria 2021

As the world faces complex challenges, 5VIE believes that design can offer effective, pragmatic, and quick solutions while remaining focused on the common good. Through Design for Good, the event aims to inspire designers to take time to reconnect, to produce new, just, and good design modes.

5VIE encourages a return to a fundamentally human dimension, emphasizing the need to restore relationships and rediscover the natural exchange between human beings.


Can design help us rediscover humanity, even in times of global upheavals? Can it tap into an intimate and universal good? These are the questions that inspired 5VIE’s research for this year’s event.

Design for Good is not just a play on words; it is a wish that design is “for real” and oriented towards a common good.

Through installations and exhibitions that explore themes of care, spirituality, and sustainability, 5VIE Design Week (see here the 2023 program) seeks to demonstrate the poetic connection between the aesthetic dimension and ethics, and how design can become a language capable of connecting people beyond borders and diversity.


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