Meet the winners of Architecture & Design Collection Award 2023

The search for benchmarks of excellence has concluded with the first edition of the Award, where 14 winners have recently been announced.

Architecture Collection Magazine, on behalf of the ADC Awards 2023, declared the victors of the Architecture & Design Collection Awards 2023. The first edition of the competition displayed a significant variety of skill and groundbreaking projects, each making a distinct contribution to the architecture and design landscape.

The distinguished panel of judges has identified the finest entries. Featured below are 9 of the award-winning projects and talents that particularly shone this year.

Capital C Amsterdam by ZJA in collaboration with HEYLIGERS Architects

The transformation and revitalization of a Dutch landmark, now known as Capital C Amsterdam, has reinstated the former Diamond Exchange as an integral element of the city. Repurposed as a vibrant hub for the creative industry within a gleaming monument, it harmoniously blends contemporary significance with historical essence.

Initially, the architects encountered a building that was outdated, dilapidated, and cloaked in obsolescence, its historical grandeur obscured by drop ceilings and wall linings. A comprehensive renovation was undertaken to recover the original characteristics lost to fire damage and previous modifications, breathing new life into the building.

Capital C Amsterdam by ZJA in collaboration with HEYLIGERS Architects _ Architecture Collection Magazine - ADC Awards 2023
GOLD WINNER, Diamond Exchange, Capital C Amsterdam, Amsterdam by ZJA in collaboration with HEYLIGERS Architects, Netherlands, © JW Kaldenbach, Capital C – ADC Awards 2023

Craves Hotel, Scene Bar by SZ Design

Craves Hotel, an exquisite boutique retreat boasting 59 rooms, elevates the essence of luxury in Brussels’ core, moments away from the Grand Place. Crafted by SZ Design, this hotel is a tribute to the 1900s, introducing an immersive concept that engages all five senses. The newly introduced Scene Bar at the hotel offers an unparalleled, opulent nightlife experience.

Spanning 350 m2, it comfortably hosts 85 guests seated and 50 standing, merging historical elegance with modern sophistication. Scene Bar’s allure is enhanced by a dynamic mix of blue and red tones, elements of mid-century design, shimmering chandeliers, and plush, vintage decorations.

Craves Hotel _ Scene Bar by SZ Design _ Architecture Collection Magazine - ADC Awards 2023
PLATINUM WINNER, Craves / Le Conteur / Scene Bar by SZ Design, Netherlands, © Robin Joris Dullers / Michel Verpooten – ADC Awards 2023

Black Amber by BAJER SOKOL

In the realm of family and spatial dynamics, a 160-square-meter apartment has been transformed into a cozy abode for a couple, their son, and their large family dog. This space, while highly functional, boasts a sophisticated architecture and a remarkably unified design aesthetic. The layout was designed as efficiently as the visual concept of the interior, which was inspired by a deep, warm dark hue as per the homeowners’ preference, leading to the dwelling being named “Black Amber.”

Designers Hanna Bajer and Paweł Sokół, known for their exclusive use of fine, natural materials, crafted a color scheme that perfectly aligned with the clients’ vision.

Black Amber by BAJER SOKOL _ Architecture Collection Magazine - ADC Awards 2023
GOLD WINNER, BLACK AMBER by Hanna Bajer, Pawel Sokol, Studio BAJERSOKOL team, Poland, © Tom Kurek – ADC Awards 2023

Crystal Residence by Pitch Architecture + Design

Crystal Residence, a creation of Pitch Architecture + Design, features four architecturally distinct homes situated on the sloping terrain of Fernhill, located 3km west of Queenstown, New Zealand. Each holiday home is meticulously designed and thoughtfully arranged, emphasizing design excellence, sustainability, and practicality while taking into account both the immediate surroundings and the wider landscape.

This project combines a stunning location and breathtaking views with intentional architecture, integrating these elements into a collection of unique spaces.

PLATINUM WINNER, Crystal Residence by Bo Chu, Studio Pitch Architecture + Design, Australia, © Pitch Architecture + Design – ADC Awards 2023

Cloud 9 by Jan Flook Lighting-Australia Pty

The “Cloud 9” installation, symbolizing a state of intense joy or euphoria, spans 158 square meters across the ceiling. It employs a modular cassette grid system for suspending rods, which are equipped with an integrated clip for attaching the cassette. This design also offers the flexibility to access the ceiling void when necessary.

Amidst the design phase, Australia was hit by its largest earthquake in 50 years, placing seismic safety at the forefront of concerns. Consequently, the suspension system was designed to be not only easy to install but also exceptionally sturdy. Jan Flook‘s vast knowledge and skill in materials and fabrication ensured the project was completed within budget and on schedule.

PLATINUM WINNER, Cloud 9 by Jan Flook Lighting Pty in collaboration with Carr Architects, Australia, © Colin Page – ADC Awards 2023

Lotusthea’s flagship store by Guangzhou Zhuanzhu Architectural Design Consulting

Arc art embodies the creation of a space that is both flexible and refined in its aesthetic appeal. Inspired by natural forms, the arc’s curved silhouette harbors a wealth of emotional depth, possessing an inherent vitality capable of transcending various constraints.

The designer skillfully weaves this dynamic energy into the space, utilizing arc lines that offer an exceptional sensory experience, both to touch and sight. The fluid continuity of the arc’s streamlined structure resonates seamlessly with the layered imagery of the “lotus” logo, creating a symphony of harmony and movement.

Lotusthea's flagship store by Guangzhou Zhuanzhu Architectural Design Consulting _ Architecture Collection Magazine - ADC Awards 2023
PLATINUM WINNER, Arc art, constructing a flexible and elegant space aesthetic_Lotusthea’s flagship store by Guiye Lin; Handu Liang, Studio Guangzhou Zhuanzhu Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd., Cjina, © Wenjia Chen – ADC Awards 2023

A House by ClearSpace Architecture and Interior Design

This building strikes a balance between the old and the new, blending technical innovation with natural elements to achieve green building status. On one side, the project breathes new life into a previously dilapidated structure through the installation of transparent, ventilating curtains and brick walls. This rejuvenation not only gives the building a fresh, breathable exterior but also optimizes natural light penetration into the office spaces, enhancing the overall quality of the environment.

On the flip side, the initiative by ClearSpace fosters community co-creation, transforming the exterior into a distinctive, natural habitat. It champions three core values: comfort, energy efficiency, and environmental harmony.

PLATINUM WINNER, A House by Ryan Kuo, Studio ClearSpace Architecture and Interior Design, Taiwan – ADC Awards 2023

Candy Wrapper Rug by NOMAD

Nomad specializes in unique design rugs, introducing sustainable interior elements into stylish living spaces. They are committed to innovation, challenging conventional norms, and transforming the perception of recycling and upcycling within the interior design industry.

Their mission is to craft design products that not only stand out for their distinctive aesthetic and emotional depth but also carry significant narratives. These products infuse homes, boutique hotels, restaurants, offices, galleries, and other communal spaces with a transformative and enchanting energy, fostering enjoyment and creativity.

PLATINUM WINNER, Candy Wrapper Rug_the first interactive carpet by Jutta Werner, Studio NOMAD, Germany, © Anna Daki – ADC Awards 2023

Chocolates Commons by FAENA Studio

Commons, a company based in Mexico, utilizes mushrooms, herbs, and roots to offer natural solutions for healing both the body and mind. The packaging for Chocolates Commons features bright and vibrant colors, a traditional typographic layout, and illustrations that adorn the packaging.

Additionally, a window on the box beckons consumers to explore the realm of adaptogenic mushrooms, forming the cornerstone of the product’s graphic design.

PLATINUM WINNER, Chocolates Commons by Nicolás Galeano, Studio FAENA Studio, Mexico, © Héctor René Rincón – ADC Awards 2023

To see all the ADC Awards 2023 winners, visit the official website.


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