ADC Awards 2023 – An international celebration of innovation and creativity

The Architecture & Design Collection Awards (ADC Awards) provides an inclusive platform for creativity and talent, allowing all participants to showcase their finest work, gaining significant global visibility

In today’s world, where innovation and creativity reign supreme, the Architecture & Design Collection Awards (ADC Awards) serve as a nexus for groundbreaking ideas and exceptional talent. As a global platform, ADC Awards 2023 extends an invitation to creative minds from around the world to showcase their remarkable creations that shape the future and bring the extraordinary to life.

The ADC Awards 2023 warmly welcome entries from every corner of the globe, seeking to encompass a wide array of skills and expertise. As a symbol of excellence, these awards recognize outstanding architects, designers, web designers, researchers, entrepreneurs, students, and other imaginative thinkers.

Whether you represent a renowned studio or are embarking on your career journey, your innovative ideas are encouraged in this equitable and open-minded competition.

Vaask by Vaask _ ADC Awards 2023
Vaask by Vaask – ADC Awards 2023

ADC Awards 2023 – Grand Jury Members

A constellation of celebrated professionals:

Platinum Winners in the Professionals Category from last edition

Kuulas chandelier by Cameron Design House

The Kuulas chandelier is a testament to the power of modular design. It radiates an air of refined elegance infused with an industrial edge. Every one of its 110 glass pearls is painstakingly hand-blown by skilled artisans and is suspended individually from robust industrial-style chains.

Kuulas chandelier by Cameron Design House
Kuulas chandelier by Cameron Design House – ADC Awards 2023

No Footprint House (NFH) by A-01

The No Footprint House (NFH) is situated in Ojochal, a quaint village nestled on the outskirts of the expansive tropical rainforests along Costa Rica’s South Pacific coast. Set within a humid tropical climate, the architectural design harmonizes with its lush surroundings by employing passive climate control techniques, such as natural ventilation and solar shading.

No Footprint House (NFH) by A-01 A Company _ A Foundation
No Footprint House (NFH) by A-01 – ADC Awards 2023

XP Zero” by Untitled Motorcycles

The XP stands as a groundbreaking electric motorcycle, boldly breaking free from tradition and shattering preconceived notions. Crafted with unwavering dedication and attention to detail, the XP seamlessly merges avant-garde design and cutting-edge technology, ushering in a fresh era in the world of motorcycles.

XP Zero by Untitled Motorcycles
XP Zero by Untitled Motorcycles – ADC Awards 2023

Visit the official Awards website to enroll your project and seize the opportunity to showcase it to a worldwide audience.

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