An exclusive virtual event focused entirely on design for 3D printing

Hosted by 3Dnatives, the leading international online media platform for 3D printing and its applications, ADDITIV Design World offers a half-day filled with conferences, workshops, and networking sessions.

ADDITIV Design World is an international virtual gathering focused on the latest developments in Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM). This event involves key influencers from the fields of additive manufacturing and software.

During the virtual event, participants will have the opportunity to interact with users and creators of 3D technologies, as well as listen to some of the most forward-thinking experts in software, design, and additive manufacturing (AM). Supported by sponsors and partners like Evolve Additive Solutions, IAM3DHUB, SPE, among others, the event anticipates over 500 attendees for a day packed with panel discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities.

ADDITIV Design World by 3Dnatives

The event is free for all attendees, offering a valuable chance for professionals in the AM and design communities to come together, exchange ideas, and network from the comfort of their homes. It presents an ideal time to explore how Design for Additive Manufacturing—encompassing the essential practices and considerations for creating parts with AM—is applied across various fields and industries.

Alex Martel, CEO of 3Dnatives, explained “We’re delighted to be launching this first edition of ADDITIV Design World. It’s an event that we feel is essential for the additive manufacturing market, as design is a vital link in the value chain. Today, there are more and more solutions for DfAM, and we are looking forward to sharing them with the entire AM and Design communities through this virtual event. We look forward to seeing you on May 23rd”.

ADDITIV Design World by 3Dnatives

The schedule includes three 40-minute panel discussions, followed by three 20-minute workshops. These sessions will cover a variety of topics, from exploring the advantages and obstacles of design freedom in production to enhancing part performance through Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM).

Future trends in design and 3D printing will also be discussed, including among the others subjects such as digital twins, topological optimization, lattice structures, biomimicry, reverse engineering.

ADDITIV Design World by 3Dnatives

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