This Brazilian apartment embraces the light and the building’s identity

Apartment 02 is a spacious open plan that creates a feeling of lightness across the project.

Located in the most iconic trio of residential buildings in Brasília, Apartment 02 – by Hugo Oliveira Arquitetura – has been completely renovated to meet the needs of the owners.

The main points of the project were the open plan, restoration of the exposed concrete, and the functionality of spaces and elements.

The building is part of an architectural complex on 107 North block, imagined by Architect Mayumi Watanabe.

Apartment 02 by Hugo Oliveira Arquitetura
© Haruo Mikami

Constructed in 1968, its outdoor area is very popular as a photographic location in the city, ranging from clothing line launches to wedding photos.

The attraction is easily explained by its unique design and brutalist style, which contrasts with most residential buildings in Brasilia’s “wings”.

To incorporate the building’s identity into the apartment, in a natural way, the wall coverings were removed and the internal exposed concrete was restored.

© Haruo Mikami

The almost absence of beams and columns inside the apartment was crucial in creating the desired open plan, joining the dining room, kitchen, office, living room, and laundry area in one big room.

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The kitchen island was designed to entertain guests, creating an informal atmosphere.

Apartment 02 by Hugo Oliveira Arquitetura
© Haruo Mikami

Open shelves were used to separate the social and service area, thus making good use of the natural lighting and ventilation.

In addition to concrete, another widely explored material at Apartment 02 was wood.

The floor was assembled in a chevron style with Brazilian wood planks, running uninterruptedly throughout the apartment, except for the bathrooms and laundry area.

© Haruo Mikami

Functionality was key in defining the layout, coverings, equipment and furniture. Such items were chosen based on ease of use, cleaning and ergonomics.

In the end, the visual permeability and design simplicity brought a pleasant feeling of lightness, spaciousness and well-being to the occupants.

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Apartment 02 by Hugo Oliveira Arquitetura
© Haruo Mikami