Práctica Arquitectura

  • Mexico
  • Landscape
  • Residential
  • Urban

Práctica Arquitectura, established in 2017 by David Martinez in Monterrey, Mexico, is an architectural design studio that views architecture as a meticulous craft, deeply influenced by history and emotions. The firm aims to merge theoretical precision with the emotional impact of spaces that become memories, striving for a conversation that integrates historical context, construction traditions, and the creation of meaningful spaces.

A profound appreciation for history stands at the core of their approach, as they seek to interpret and understand it in a way that enhances their mastery of technique and the conceptualization of ideas, thereby enriching their problem-solving capabilities. Práctica Arquitectura operates more like an educational institution than a conventional office, with many of the architects being former students of David, fostering a culture of continuous learning and exploration.

This educational ethos drives their process, encouraging critical thinking and the development of architectural solutions that enrich and complement their surroundings.