“Contemplerary” is a rural-kitsch monument that sheds light on breast cancer in Iceland

October is the international Breast Cancer Awareness Month and countless Icelandic companies make pink-colored products and sell them with the promise to donate a portion of the total cost to the Icelandic Cancer Research Society.

Among other interesting ideas, farmers all around Iceland have been given the opportunity to wrap their hay in pink plastic, instead of using the regular white one. 

Therefore, in the last couple of years, the Icelandic rural areas have been dotted by pink marshmallow-like bales: a funny chromatic ‘contamination’ that has become a new rural symbol for the cause.

Pink fabric covered hay in Iceland
Hay is covered in open lands with pink-colored fabric as support for awareness of Breast Cancer in Iceland

“Contemplerary”‘s creative process considers these bales as modular elements that can be assembled for the construction of a monument inspired by a classical architectural ruin. 

The temple is made of 294 hay bales: 90 circular bales for the columns and 204 rectangular bales for the base or crepidoma. The structure is obviously very heavy but it looks extremely light since it has the same visual impact of an inflatable bounce house.

Temple of hay in Iceland
These blocks of covered hay are organized in a traditional temple ruin composition

The installation radically contrasts with the ‘moony’ surroundings, creating a surreal space-time experience that has the goal to be viral on social media in order to spread awareness and support the fight against cancer.

Hay covered in pink fabric in Iceland
Hay monument in Iceland

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