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BIOmat Canapa’s hemp bricks could build a new future for architecture

From superior insulation to eco-friendly production, BIOmat Canapa’s groundbreaking hemp-based materials offer architects and builders the tools to create greener, more resilient structures.

Traditional materials are being reevaluated, and innovative solutions are constantly being developed to meet the demand for eco-friendly alternatives. Among these solutions, bio-based materials are emerging as promising contenders, particularly hemp, which offers a versatile range of applications in bio-based materials.

Italian construction company BIOmat Canapa is leading the charge when it comes to hemp-based materials. This forward-thinking company, a brainchild of Pedone Working Srl, is committed to pushing the boundaries of eco-friendly building practices. From their headquarters in Foggia, BIOmat Canapa develops cutting-edge products that harness the power of hemp to create 100% natural and recyclable bricks, crafted from a blend of lime and canapulo.

Because of this blend, Biomat Canapa’s products boast exceptional insulation properties, shielding against both heat and cold while combating humidity. Hemp fibers, derived from the sturdy stalks of the hemp plant, are prized for their robustness and resilience, offering a lightweight yet durable reinforcement for building materials. 

Canapulo is a specialized hemp variety cultivated specifically for construction, further elevating these bricks’ qualities. Meanwhile, Lime acts as a vital binding agent, ensuring cohesion and bolstering the overall strength of hemp bricks. Its natural breathability also aids in moisture regulation within building structures. 

In a world where energy consumption remains a significant contributor to CO2 emissions, the quest for greener alternatives like this has never been more urgent. Especially those with a unique combination of fire resistance, acoustic insulation, durability, and carbon negativity, making them an ideal material for forward-thinking construction projects. 

Biomat Canapa’s products are highly recommended for environments exposed to high temperatures, providing superior fire resistance with EI180 certification to ensure safety and durability in extreme conditions. Another standout feature of BIOmat Canapa hemp bricks is their excellent thermal and insulating properties. 

As a result, these bricks guarantee significant energy savings by maintaining an ideal indoor climate, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling. In addition to thermal insulation, BIOmat Canapa hemp bricks offer excellent acoustic insulation, significantly absorbing sound to create harmonious and quieter environments, which makes them perfect for both residential and commercial spaces.

Introducing BIOmat Canapa’s product line

Central to BIOmat Canapa’s product line is the Canapafor range, including Canapafor 40 and Canapafor Plus, which are perforated blocks engineered for superior thermal performance, hygroregulation, and sound insulation. Their design makes them particularly suitable for single-layer walls, ensuring healthy indoor environments by preventing mold and condensation.

Another product is Mattone di Canapa, which, like the Canapafor blocks, is made from a blend of hemp and lime. These blocks excel in thermal and acoustic insulation, effectively combating mold and condensation, making them ideal for both new constructions and renovations.

BIOmat Canapa also offers a variety of premixed products, including Canapassorbe Plaster and Canapassorbe Termomattone. The Canapassorbe Plaster is a dehumidifying plaster perfect for historic buildings due to its high dehumidifying capacity. Meanwhile, the Canapassorbe Termomattone is a thermal brick that functions as a natural hygroregulator and fire retardant, providing a straightforward solution for interior insulation.

Discover BIOmat Canapa

In addition to these, BIOmat Canapa produces various fiber panels for insulation. The BioCanapanel, made from hemp fiber (see here 5 more products made with hemp), offers breathability and counteracts mold and condensation, while the BioCanaplus provides thermal and acoustic insulation for walls, drywall partitions, and ceilings.

For roof and screed insulation, BIOmat Canapa presents the Hemp Roof and Hemp Screed products. The Hemp Roof offers thermal and acoustic insulation for new constructions and renovations, particularly wooden roofs, and is available in bags or premixed in big bags. Similarly, the Hemp Screed is ideal for floor and roof insulation, providing an effective insulating layer.

These products stand out not only for their performance but also for their environmental benefits. They are designed to be fully recyclable at the end of their life cycle, making them a sustainable choice for modern construction. These materials support sustainable building practices through low-impact manufacturing processes and contribute to carbon negativity by absorbing CO2 from the environment.

BIOmat’s vision for sustainable urban development at Milan Design Week

At Milan Design Week 2024, BIOmat Canapa introduced an innovative and visionary installation that reimagined the future of urban construction. Titled “Bio-Organic Future,” this exhibit showcased the potential of building with 100% natural and recyclable materials, emphasizing the integration of nature and architecture in creating sustainable cities.

The centerpiece of the installation was BIOmat Canapa’s revolutionary bricks, known for their superior hot/cold insulation performance. These bricks, made entirely from natural materials, were designed to fit together like dominoes, showcasing the modular approach that makes them an ideal choice for designers and architects. It allows the creation of various shapes and volumes of different heights, in this case to form an impressive and dynamic skyline.

Embracing sustainability with BIOmat Canapa

BIOmat Canapa strongly believes in the value of sustainability as a driver for the betterment of our planet. The company designs and implements green building solutions with the goal of creating structures that not only avoid harming the environment but actively improve it. “That is why we use environmentally sustainable raw materials such as hemp fiber, which we grow in fields 0 km from our production center,” the company states. Each solution is meticulously developed by their technical team, extensively tested in the construction industry, and adaptable to any type of project.

What truly sets BIOmat Canapa apart is its dedication to creating “carbon negative” solutions. These products absorb more CO2 than they emit, making them a game-changer in the construction industry. By choosing BIOmat Canapa, builders and architects can contribute to a healthier planet, constructing buildings that are sustainable, energy-efficient, and environmentally responsible. Whether planning a new build or a renovation, BIOmat Canapa’s materials are designed to meet the highest standards of sustainability and performance.

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From superior insulation to eco-friendly production, BIOmat Canapa’s groundbreaking hemp-based materials offer architects and builders the tools to create greener, more resilient structures.

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