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Established in 1956, Antolini® stands out as a distinguished Italian enterprise in the natural stone production sector. With its headquarters located in Verona, the company boasts an international presence across 182 countries, featuring primary manufacturing sites in Italy and Brazil, alongside a global network of showrooms. Initially founded by Luigi Antolini, the company’s leadership has since transitioned to his offspring: Alberto, Alessandra, and Francesco. Antolini® prides itself on offering an extensive variety of materials, each distinguished by their exclusive designs, hues, and textures.

These premium natural stones are meticulously enhanced by the artistry and technological expertise of skilled professionals who select only the finest quarries and refine the stone into unparalleled creations. Every piece bearing the Antolini® mark is a tribute to nature, celebrated through vibrant colors and designs that transcend the realms of interior design and furniture, venturing into the fields of art and fashion.