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One day, we grew weary of the abundance of mass-produced, artificial, and predictable products, prompting us to embark on a journey of non-production. Our goal was to discover elements that had come into existence naturally and allow their inherent beauty to shine through. We sought to uncover the raw, natural essence of materials and breathe new life into them.

This quest for a fresh aesthetic is the driving force behind our company, which bears the name “mammalampa.” Our company name encapsulates our core values and principles. “Mamma” (mom) symbolizes our philosophy of returning to our roots, embracing the authentic, and celebrating the unmanufactured.

It also represents the predominance of a feminine approach in our lamp designs. “Mammalampa” lamps are crafted from natural materials, using minimal technological processes, often relying on manual labor, and sometimes working with untreated materials.

Our aim is to reconnect with the genuine, focusing on our primal instincts and desires for fairness. “Mammalampa” explores materials in an unconventional light, forging its unique identity and values through the unexpected perspectives it offers.