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  • Contract is a comprehensive ecosystem centered around the TUC.plug, which serves as a universal connector designed to seamlessly integrate with various types of vehicles. The TUC.plug encompasses three vital aspects of vehicle interfaces: mechanical structural fixing, plug-and-play functionality, and multi-modal support.

It offers versatile mounting with four different fixing positions at 360 degrees, provides electrical power to connected devices, and facilitates data exchange between devices within the vehicle and beyond its confines.

TUC has been designed and engineered to align with the current demands of the industry and serve as the premier solution for sustainable mobility. It was developed to unlock the possibilities presented by electrified and autonomous vehicles, aiming to streamline the research and development process while promoting a more eco-friendly supply chain.

It has been conceived as a catalyst for an entirely new paradigm in mobility business models. The development of has been fueled by a commitment to solving challenges and driving a transformative shift in the industry.