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Wastea is an innovative material derived from the collection of discarded tea waste. An entirely sustainable and vegan alternative to real leather, crafted exclusively from dried tea waste, derived from plants and bio-based sources.

The company responsible for this groundbreaking material, Scays Group, specializes in developing sustainable and circular solutions across various industries.

Established in 2015 by Erdem Dogan, a dedicated entrepreneur with a strong desire to make a positive global impact, the company’s overarching goal is to convert waste into valuable resources. Their products not only prioritize functionality and aesthetics but also uphold ethical and environmental standards.

Wastea, specifically, is produced from tea waste that would otherwise contribute to landfill or incineration. Tea waste poses a significant global challenge, accounting for approximately 10% of total tea production. Its environmental impact is substantial, driven by factors such as water consumption, carbon emissions, and the common presence of chemical residues.

Recognizing the magnitude of this issue, Scays Group seized an opportunity to address it through a patented process. This process transforms and integrates tea waste into a resilient, pliable, and breathable material that closely resembles leather.