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Buster + Punch says it’s time for a kitchen makeover

The Buster + Punch Kitchen is a new way to curate a custom built, modular, freestanding kitchen.

Gone are the days of fitted kitchens with short lifecycles and limited flexibility.

Configured online and made with the precision and engineering of its acclaimed solid metal hardware, the latest Buster + Punch kitchen carries the level of aesthetics and quality you’d expect to find in bespoke furniture. 

Inspired by the professional chef’s free standing kitchen, Buster + Punch’s founder and creative director, Massimo Buster Minale uses his extensive architecture background to strip back the elements of the modular units.

The kitchen is curated from two frame options, three cabinet colour ways, and three worktops, designed around the brand’s endless choices of iconic hardware – the jewellery of The Buster + Punch Kitchen. 

Using an intuitive configurator, it’s a case of taking a few measurements, selecting colours, hardware and specifying from three units.

Add your chosen appliances from Buster + Punch’s partners, optional white-glove installation to fit your kitchen and that’s it.

The freestanding design and modularity adapt to any lifestyle shifts you might have in the future – where you go, it goes. 

Leaving nothing to chance, customers will also be able to spec Buster + Punch’s unique new kitchen mixer tap, kitchen shelving and lighting. The result is a harmonious kitchen with an attitude that’s unquestionably Buster + Punch.

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Three elements, endless ways to break the standards

The kitchen units have an edge-to-edge countertop in stone or metal with a unique corner radius that matches the extruded metal frame.

The frame itself has precision cast aluminium legs which rest on custom-turned brass or stainless-steel adjustable feet, finished with the brand’s signature diamond-cut knurling. 

“We wanted to flip the conventions of kitchen design, using hardware and detailing as the launchpad for the entire process,” says Massimo Buster Minale, founder and creative director of Buster + Punch.

“Developing it in this way is a logical progression for us and our customers. It resulted in a kitchen that’s adaptable, usable, and feels like it’s been machined from one solid piece of metal and stone.”

“From the moment you hit the configurator, to when it’s installed, and when you’re in it – this kitchen feels beyond special. It evokes the same emotional feeling as when I would show a client their finished custom motorbike back in the day.

It’s a design that’s linked to every part of our DNA, a complete kitchen look that’s got Buster + Punch’s character and style in every configuration.”

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