Step inside CES 2023 with our favorite innovative picks

In January 2023, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) took place in Las Vegas. In this article, we have compiled the most interesting innovations that any designer should keep an eye on

We’ve teamed up with the Milan-based design studio Valerio Cometti + V12 Design to bring you the lowdown on some of the most intriguing innovations that were showcased at CES 2023.

Showcasing the power of digital and featuring global innovators as well as groundbreaking technologies – the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the most influential tech event in the world where the biggest brands do business and meet new partners and the sharpest innovators hit the stage!

Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) – CES embodies every aspect of the tech sector. It presents companies including developers, manufactures and suppliers, providing a one-of-a-kind excellent opportunity to learn, grow and be inspired – it includes an intriguing conference program where business leaders and pioneering thinkers address the industry’s most relevant issues.

Magic Leap One
Magic Leap One – CES 2023

As one of the most important events in the world of technology and innovation – it’s no surprise that the event generates an enormous amount of exhibitors and visitors from across the globe.

This January, be it Acer’s eKinekt Bike Desk releasing one’s stress,  HAPTA By L’Oréal helping those with limited mobility, Samsung’s Relumino software guiding people with vision impairments to see clearly or SK Biopharmaceuticals’ Epilepsy Glasses for seizure detection – CES showcased it all.

With a rare group of companies under one roof – the most stimulating one I saw is LG known for offering innovation, impeccable design and elegance like no other. 

From Consumer Electronics to Healthcare, Transportation, Smart-life and Agritech – scroll to explore the event further!

BMW i Vision Dee - CES 2023
BMW i Vision Dee – CES 2023

Consumer Electronics

The Consumer Electronics sector showcased TV Sets – from brilliant large sized OLED’s that go up to 97 inches to microLED technology with its unrivaled brightness, wireless technology with easy fuss-free installation utilizing the televisions power supply and reducing the number of cables as well as Laser TV’s with its high resolution.

It also featured PC’s and Tablets including – innovative desktops with a focus in the gaming sector comprising high performance, efficiency and ergonomics, notebooks such as Lenovo’s Yoga Book 9i with a mobile dual screen and tablets including Leia Lightfield’s 3D tablet.

Augmented reality and virtual reality products were presented too – from Magic Leap One to HTC Vive XR Elite and Vuzix.

Additionally, it shed light on new technologies such as – LG Gramverse with its interactive demo that shows the potential of gestures and Project Chronos From Lenovo that seamlessly captures the movement of the user allowing them to interact and perform activities in a virtual 3D world.

HTC Vive XR Elite
HTC Vive XR Elite – CES 2023


The Healthcare section showcased a variety of – eclectic devices, sensors, apps, telemedicines and pain reduction methods such as:

  • Innumerable software and hardware solutions for receiving remote medical consultation
  • DoctorNow, Skeeper R1, BioIntelliSense that allows doctors to obtain patient parameters, with the help of the BioButton wearable device
  • Suntory Gut Notes which is a system composed of sensors that allows one to monitor the health of the intestine
  • The Withings urine sensor which lets one carry out  and receive a complete check-up on a smartphone, everytime the urine touches the sensor inside the toilet
  • ANSSil Mattress that monitors biometrics during sleep
  • A Motion Pillow which effortlessly inflates if it detects that the user is snoring, therefore leading to the head to turn and change position
  • Designed for women, Movano Evie Ring that monitors heart rate, respiration and blood oxygen saturation – here comes stylish healthcare!
  • Abbott’s implantable stimulator that skillfully sends impulses to the nervous system, tricking it and reducing chronic pain
Movano Evie Ring - CES 2023
Movano Evie Ring – CES 2023


Transportation featured new concept cars from the BMW i Vision Dee to Peugeot Inception, Ram 1500 Revolution and Dodge Charger Daytona SRT

It further presented:

  • TOGG who showcased its new digital experiential platform that integrates electric mobility, connectivity and a user-centric experience
  • Autonomous driving with the main focus on software and hardware for ADAS level 2 and 3 – where a single-seater of  Politecnico di Milano at the Autonomous Challenge was unmanned at 300Km/h
  • The next generation electric car Afeela created from a Sony-Honda collaboration
  • The Snapdragon processor instead of turbochargers
  • The Brunswick Fathom e-Power system which allows the autonomous docking of the vessel
  • Hyundai’s concept of a hydrogen cargo ship with sails
  • Candela C8, an electric motorboat, with digitally controlled hydrofoil
  • AUtel Robotics EVO Max 4T that is an intelligent flight platform, suitable for search and rescue, firefighter support, mapping and inspection.
  • Startup Lilium that teamed up with Palantir to showcase their vision for the future of mobility.
  • Growing interest in eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) and in the development and applications of commercial drones, for logistics and security.
Ram 1500 Revolution - CES 2023
Ram 1500 Revolution – CES 2023


Smart-life showcased:

  • The Matter platform, a new universal standard for connecting devices making hyper-connected homes a reality soon
  • The Eoneoms HeyMirror with which one can manage all smart devices with a simple touch on the glass
  • Surprisingly similar, smart refrigerators by Samsung and LG where LG’s RGB panels stood out!
  • Hover Gym by LG and ZeroWheel – a fitness device for abs that displays results on one’s smartphone via an integrated app
  • WaterN by SMT Co. – an IoT shower filter that measures water quality and removes dangerous metals, chemicals and other impurities
  • Autonomous and intelligent mowers from Greenworks to Worx and Ecoflow Blade
  • Moen Smart Sprinkler Controller and Smart Wireless Soil Sensors that make watering routines easier and convenient with an app
Ecoflow Blade - CES 2023
Ecoflow Blade – CES 2023


Agritech featured:

  • Technologies already utilized in the mining sector that are being optimized and made safer to be applied in agriculture as well
  • Herbicide GUSS – a self-driving tractor
  • Caterpillar who introduced a new remote guidance platform that allows one to drive bulldozers and excavators from hundreds of kilometers away
  • John Deer who unveiled a new autonomous platform for fertilizing and weeding with optimized delivery along with optical displays
John Deer Autonomous Tractor - CES 2023
John Deer Autonomous Tractor – CES

In conclusion, if you want to be in touch with the industry – CES is an event you don’t want to miss. So, don’t hesitate and mark your calendar for the next edition!


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