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Crogiolo collection by Marazzi: the fusion of craftsmanship and innovation

Introducing Confetto: Marazzi’s newest addition to the Crogiolo collection, a delightful Showcase of small-sized porcelain stoneware

Marazzi‘s recent exploration in the realm of industrial craftsmanship has led to the rekindling of appreciation for the allure of genuine, colorful, and decorated ceramics. Their new collections exude a handcrafted essence, achieved by seamlessly merging artisanal skills with industrial technology.

Crogiolo, in particular, epitomizes unparalleled levels of quality and aesthetics, embodying Marazzi’s unwavering commitment to research, technological innovation, and a return to a human touch, exemplifying the care and precision typically associated with handmade creations. These materials infuse spaces with liveliness, creating a warm and inviting ambiance that transcends styles and withstands the test of time.

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© Crogiolo collection by Marazzi

The name Crogiolo holds significant historical importance for Marazzi. It refers to the industrial building where Marazzi first originated in the 1930s, situated between the railway and the Modena canal. In the 1980s, it became home to the ‘Il Crogiolo’ research and experimentation hub. It was within this space that architects, designers, artists, and photographers were invited to freely interpret ceramics, resulting in a fruitful period of pure exploration.

The Marazzi ‘Sperimentazioni’ emerged from this initiative, featuring designer tiles by Roger Capron, Amleto Dalla Costa, Original Designers, Saruka Nagasawa, and Robert Gligorov, accompanied by captivating photographs by Luigi Ghirri, Cuchi White, and Charles Traub.

The ‘Il Crogiolo’ series of booklets serves as a documentation of the brand‘s history, encompassing 112 projects that delve into novel applications and decorative techniques. These booklets feature illustrations, original sketches, photographs, and insights from the designers and potters involved, continuing to inspire the company’s ongoing product development endeavors.

© Crogiolo collection by Marazzi

This philosophy underpins the spirit behind Marazzi’s latest Crogiolo collections, perfectly harmonizing a deep appreciation for “hand-made” pieces and authentic ceramics with the incessant pursuit of research and innovation that has defined Marazzi for over eight decades.

Confetto is the latest addition to the Crogiolo collection, showcasing small-sized porcelain stoneware. This new offering from Marazzi embodies their exploration into the captivating world of authentic ceramics infused with a handcrafted essence, achieved through the fusion of advanced industrial craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.

The surface of Confetto possesses a semi-matte, “sugared” finish that exudes a soft and tactile quality. It is available in a diverse color palette consisting of 12 warm and cool shades, offered in two modular sizes: 5×15 and 10×10.

© Crogiolo collection by Marazzi

The 3D Savoiardo 5×15 texture, featured in all twelve colors, draws inspiration from the historical Canne d’ Organo collection, originally designed by Nino Caruso for Marazzi in the early 1970s. This texture showcases a subtle breakthrough in the center, accentuating its three-dimensionality and evoking a handcrafted aesthetic.

Confetto’s minimalist yet refined design makes it ideal for both residential and commercial spaces seeking to recreate a cozy allure while rediscovering the charm of handmade craftsmanship. This versatile collection can be applied to walls, floors, and even integrated into furniture design elements, offering a seamless and cohesive aesthetic experience.


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