Design concept entries from living to life sciences to communication or security

Red Dot Award: Design Concept

The Red Dot Award: Design Concept has been organised in Singapore every year since 2005.

Since then, it has grown to be the largest and most recognised professional design competition for design concept, prototypes ready to launch products worldwide

Designers, companies and universities from all over the world have the opportunity to enter their product visions and put their whole creative potential to the test.

From living to life sciences to communication or security – participants can submit their studies and prototypes in 30 categories.

A winning concept receives the distinction “Honourable Mention” or “Red Dot”.

Only the best concepts of a category are awarded the Red Dot: Best of the Best. The highest single distinction “Red Dot: Luminary” goes to the most outstanding concept of the year.

During the “Red Dot Gala” award ceremony, the winners of the Red Dot: Best of the Best and the Red Dot: Luminary receive their trophies on the stage and catwalk of the Red Dot Design Museum Singapore.

During the “Designers’ Night” aftershow party, the Honourable Mention and Red Dot winners receive their certificates, while around 500 international guests party in the midst of the winners’ exhibition in the museum.

Red Dot: Design Concept Award

© Google Self-Driving Car – Google Inc., United States Team Lead: Yoojung Ahn | Design: Jared Gross, Philipp Haban


The origins of the Red Dot Design Award date back to 1955.

The institution behind the competition is the Design Zentrum NRW, which is led by Professor Dr. Peter Zec since 1991.

The “Red Dot” is established internationally as one of the most sought-after quality marks for good design.

From products to communication projects and packaging to design concepts and prototypes, the Red Dot Award documents the most prominent trends worldwide.

The award-winning designs are exhibited in the Red Dot Design Museums.

Read more about the international jury and selection process.


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