Design Shanghai teams up with the historical Shanghai Xintiandi

Design Shanghai @ Xintiandi Design Festival will take place till Sunday 19th March 2017 in Xintiandi

Design Shanghai @ Xintiandi Design Festival will take place till Sunday 19th March 2017 in Xintiandi to celebrate the partnership between Design Shanghai and Shanghai Xintiandi and will offer:

  • Selection of 18 interactive installations by international and Chinese designers and artists
  • Coaches that will take visitors on design tours starting at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre and ending at Xintiandi, offering a variety of stops at interesting design showrooms, including Domus Aurea, HAY, Minotti, Leicht, Senab and W+S
  • The Opening of Design Shanghai to the City – a Shanghai-wide celebration of design and creativity


Design Shanghai @ Shanghai Xintiandi

Shanghai Xintiandi

Asia’s leading international design event Design Shanghai, which will return to the Shanghai Exhibition Centre from 8th to 11th March, has teamed up with famous landmark Shanghai Xintiandi to bring the best of international and local design across the city. 

Following the success of last year’s collaboration, Design Shanghai and Shanghai Xintiandi will celebrate their partnership for the next three years with the launch of Design Shanghai @ Xintiandi Design Festival, an event taking place from 6th to 19th March 2017 in Xintiandi and open to the public for free.

Mr. Andy Zhang, General Manager of Taipingqiao Project, China Xintiandi said:

“Throughout the years Shanghai Xintiandi has given unrelenting support to design, cultural and art endeavours, creating an off-line shopping atmosphere that is highly interactive, participatory and creative for the public through countless design and art exhibitions.

We hope that the three-year strategic partnership with Design Shanghai will provide diverse inspirations to citizens and design enthusiasts and contribute to promoting the development of original design in China.”

Design Shanghai @ Shanghai Xintiandi


Design Shanghai and Shanghai Xintiandi, in collaboration with renowned brand of art content operation SHANGHE MEICHUANG, has invited Song Tao, Hou Zhengguang and Du Xinyue as main curators, as well as Hu Zeming, Tian Mengran and Deng Min as joint curators.

The Festival, whose theme is “In Future”, will populate the North and South block of Shanghai Xintiandi, the Xintiandi Style Shopping Centre, The House and the Lakeville Gallery for 14 days.

In the occasion, showcasing a selection of 18 interactive installations and spaces by international and Chinese designers and artists, and offering both the local community and visitors the opportunity to experience and rethink design, art, creativity and culture in a new light.

World-renowned brands including Duxiana, hülsta, Perrier-Jouët, UPM have confirmed their presence alongside leading international artists such as Lee Lee Nam, Arnd Christian Müller, Rob Pepper and Jayson Atienza, and Chinese design brands, designers and artists such as Song Tao, Zhengguang Hou, Xinyue Du, Jamy Yang, Hung-Chun Wang, Zhoujie Zhang, ZIZAOSHE, Moreless, since 2020, Fnji and A&Alison.

Mr. Song Tao, Curator of the festival, said:

“Renowned international and Chinese designers and artists will gather in Shanghai Xintiandi to breathe life into the Festival with the aim to build a “Design City”.

Many design events are mainly commercial – we want ours to stand out by combining art, design and brand culture in different forms and comprehensively showing the creativity of the designers.”


Design Shanghai @ Shanghai Xintiandi

Dragon Tree by Media 10

One of the highlights of the Festival will be the “Dragon Tree”, which will use 3D Projection Mapping to present the famous Design Shanghai lead creative on the trees.

Each individual image is carefully rendered to create a 3D effect by using two 12,000-lumen high resolution laser projectors, which will be accurately installed in the Xintiandi area.

Design archaeology of a suitcase is designed by the leading Chinese designer Jamy Yang, who will present more than 10 suitcases from all over the world, each having a different shape and coming from a different period of time.

The installation will offer visitors the opportunity to explore the lifestyles of different areas and eras as well as the aesthetic and history of humanity.

Designer Pascal Bosetti from Munich will showcase his work Moon birdy, a unique outdoor accessory that is weatherproof and can work as a light source decoration, a casual seat or a comfortable footstool.

Bosetti brings his creative work to Shanghai with a special edition of his popular “Birdy” pouffe designed for hülsta, winner of the German Design Award 2015, which can be found at the North Block Xintiandi.

This accessory, shaped like a bird, is mobile and its light-hearted look makes it a great attraction for visitors to come and see.

© Hülsta by Pascal Bosetti // Birdy Pouffe


TAN “Growing” immersion installation by Xinyue Du


The talented multi-field artist Xinyue Du will bring her conceptual art installation TAN Growingto the South Block Xintiandi – a selection of hand-woven art carpets and mirrors which will guide visitors through a fully-immersive experience to understand handcraft, nature and colour.

Duxiana’s most luxurious bed, the Dux Xclusive will be customised by Jayson Atienza in his signature style throughout the exhibition, bringing new dimensions to an already stunning leather piece, employing the kind of bold colours and meticulous details for which he is well-known.

This collaboration marks the first live painting installation between DUXIANA and Atienza at Design Shanghai, and can be found at the main gate of the Xintiandi Style Shopping Centre.

Perrier-Jouët will present L’Eden by Perrier-Jouët, an unexpected journey of discovery named after its famous Epernay Cellar.

The garden will feature a specially designed Champagne bar, personalised tasting experiences with the Cellar Master Hervé Deschamps and a series of curated events throughout the Festival.

New Eastern Making by ZIZAOSHE


New Eastern Making” by ZIZAOSHE is a conceptual exhibition about new eastern architecture and design, in which seven contemporary artists and designers will interpret recycling and deconstruction in the creative process.

The works showcased at the Lakeville Gallery represent the integration of traditional manufacturing into contemporary design and material technologies. 

Alongside Design Shanghai @ Xintiandi Design Festival and as part of the Design Shanghai in the City initiative, coaches will take visitors on design tours starting at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre and ending at Xintiandi every day from 1pm to 9pm from 8th to 11th March 2017.

The tours will offer a variety of stops at interesting design showrooms, including Domus Aurea, HAY, House of Tai Ping, Minotti, Leicht, Matsu, Roca, Senab, archcollege and W+S.

The Lakeville Gallery and the North and South Xintiandi Blocks will all be participating in the Festival.

With the Shanghai Exhibition Centre at its heart, Design Shanghai will make the entire city buzz with design tours, business meetings and exclusive networking parties, turning the event into a Shanghai-wide celebration of design and creativity.


Installations at Design Shanghai @ Xintiandi Design Festival:

  •  Moon Birdy by Pascal Bosetti, hülsta
  • Mesh installation – Public Bench by Zhoujie Zhang
  • Malleus by Arnd Christian Müller
  • The Signal of light by Lee Lee Nam
  • L’Eden by Perrier-Jouët
  • The design archaeology of a suitcase by Jamy Yang
  • TAN “Growing” immersion installation by Xinyue Du
  • Shanghainese Born Matters by since 2020
  • Natural Instrument by A&Alison
  • Shine Shanghai 8 by David Ding, Lao Hou, Carl Liu, Zhang Zhoujie, Xu Gongwei, Shi Jun, Yang Weijie, Yang Wenqing, Yang Jidong, C.R.LIN, Zhuoran Wang, Wang Yang, Hu Wenkit, Mo Jiao, Alain Chan, Bill Yen
  • DUXIANA + Jayson Atienza Live Art Installation
  • Biofore Tea House by UPM, D&I
  • Mahjong by Fnji
  • Bushi Art Museum
  • Dragon Tree by Media 10
  • New Eastern Making by ZIZAOSHE
  • Obsession Extracting Practice by Hung-Chun Wang
  • THE HUB Station by Rob Pepper


Design Shanghai
8 – 11 March 2017
Shanghai Exhibition Centre
Jingan District, Shanghai, China


Design Shanghai @ Xintiandi Design Festival
6 – 19 March 2017
Shanghai Xintiandi

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