September 3, 2019

NIMBO is a series of color-reflecting mirrors, designed to lighten up your mood and brighten up space.

Colour rings on the back of the mirror project a chosen color light onto the wall, creating a colorful aureole around it. The mirror can be used as a clothing rack for your scarves or keys as well. 

BRISK is a product design studio where we strive to widen the range and push the limits of the industrial design field, merging ideas, breaking the rules the world no longer needs and setting new standards for what’s seen as innovative

We strip the established concepts down, rethink them and finally –recreate them. It can be anything as simple as clothes pins, or it can be anything as complex as The Essence Wand and SUNrise/set lamp

Usually, we develop projects until they’re ready to hit the mass production, yet we can always help you turn your own ideas into reality.