Have you ever visited Designblok, in Prague?

Designblok presented the best designers and producers of 2017

Despite the 19th Designblok – International Festival of Design and Fashion finishing early due to the recent heavy windstorms affecting the Czech Republic, awards were presented to the winning designers and companies at the Designblok Gala Awards evening at Na Zábradlí Theatre in Prague.

The awards were distributed in eleven categories, with re-established brand Rückl named as the overall winner.

Under its creative director Rony Plesl, traditional Czech brand Rückl presented its new collection of cut-glass products at a special installation in the form of a shooting gallery.

The company received the Designblok Main Award and the Best New Product Award for its work on re-establishing the brand and its new products.


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Designblok Award Winners 2017

  1. Best New Furniture: Ton, Alba chair
  2. Best Fashion Collection on Display: Soolista, Vrstvy collection
  3. Best Interior Accessories Collection: LLEV
  4. Best Lights Collection: Lasvit, Yakisugi light
  5. Best Jewellery Collection: ZORYA
  6. Best New Furniture: Rückl
  7. Best Designer Prototype: Markéta Držmíšková, Petr Hák, Torque collection
  8. Best Installation by a Producer: Ton
  9. Best Installation by a Designer or Design Studio: Herrmann & Coufal
  10. Best School Presentation: Product Design Studio, Faculty of Multimedia Communicatins, Tomas Bata University in Zlín
  11. Special Award for Outstanding Achievement: Dopravní podnik hl. m. Prahy, T3 Coupé tram design
  12. Designblok Main Award: Rückl


designblok - llev


Design for Charity

Each year Designblok supports a charitable project and this year Loono NGO – thanks to its campaign You Live With Your Heart – received a cheque for CZK 100,000 at the gala evening.

Through workshops and lectures, Loono helps educate people in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Twelve designers were tasked with creating related artwork depicting the human heart.

Their work will be part of the Loono exhibition running at the Superstudio and later from November 14th to November 30th at the DSC Gallery in Prague.

The exhibition will be followed by an auction, the proceeds of which will be used to support Loono workshops and lectures.


designblok - rückl


Designblok was supposed to have run until October 30th

Unfortunately, it had to close earlier than expected for safety reasons due to fallen roofing material.

Designblok Director Jana Zielinski says:

“We’re doing our best to minimise damage to the installations. Our priority is to remove installations from all areas that are exposed to rain due to the collapsed roof.

However, Designblok events are still taking place at Smetana Q and Mánes, so we would recommend checking them out before they end.”


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