Clémence Valade Design

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Established in 2019 in Châtellerault, France, Clémence Valade Design is a global design studio with a distinct mission. Situated away from the conventional French design hubs, the studio aims to champion local businesses and talents by crafting eco-conscious, inspiring, and functional projects. Whether it’s objects, spaces, or services, the studio’s projects are united by a user-centered approach and a commitment to sustainability.

At the core of the studio’s ethos lies a dedication to modest yet meticulous design, prioritizing the needs of the user above all else. This design philosophy is deeply attuned to the environmental challenges confronting our society and leverages them as sources of inspiration. Situated in a rural setting, the Clémence Valade Design studio draws inspiration from ancient objects and traditional craftsmanship, where artistry and practicality were seamlessly intertwined, and resourcefulness was a necessity.