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Matterpieces spearheads a transformative approach to construction sustainability, championing the innovative use of waste-derived materials for architectural applications. This initiative significantly reduces the reliance on virgin raw materials while preventing waste from ending up in landfills, thanks to the principles of the circular economy.

By creatively repurposing common construction and demolition materials such as glass, ceramic, bricks, and old cement, Matterpieces offers unique and attractive options for floor panels, wall coverings, furniture, and countertops. More than just a supplier of sustainable materials, Matterpieces embodies a forward-thinking ethos in circularity, fostering collaboration among demolition and waste management firms, architects, builders, and manufacturers to realize the vision of circular construction.

Matterpieces is available in two distinct series:


This variety embodies authenticity and genuineness to the fullest, unafraid to display its intrinsic nature. Matter is characterized by its transparent and evident form, showcasing the inherent beauty found in the colors and textures of construction debris.

Upcycled materials include: Fragments of brick, glass, stone, and ceramic; Powders made from cement, brick, glass, and stone.


Nebula captures the essence of cosmic dust clouds swirling together, where strands of powdered materials intertwine. This texture is the most adventurous, infusing spaces with life and movement. Nebula is created from the remnants and dust produced by the crushing process.

Upcycled materials consist of: Powders derived from cement, brick, glass, and stone