Studio 7.5

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Studio 7.5, a design firm with roots dating back to 1992, is deeply engaged in crafting products that reflect the evolving lifestyles and work habits of people. Collaborating with esteemed clients such as Wilkhahn, Rosenthal, Wasa, L&C stendal, and Herman Miller, they tackle projects spanning Product, Interface, and Communication Design.

Embracing the ethos that design is a fusion of technology and culture, Studio 7.5 approaches each project as a challenge to solve a problem. Inspired by the legacy of the Eames Office, they integrate simplicity with complexity, striving to optimize both form and function. With an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, Studio 7.5 sees prototyping and modeling as integral parts of the design process.

They understand that while paper may be patient, reality demands rigor. Only designs that withstand the rigors of reality earn advancement. Collaborating closely with clients, Studio 7.5 synthesizes expertise from various domains into cohesive solutions. They iterate relentlessly, generating alternative solutions, verifying, optimizing, and repeating the cycle until the best possible outcome is achieved.

Recognizing the significance of aesthetics in product perception, Studio 7.5 emphasizes the importance of both “look and feel.” They understand that even the most visually appealing designs fall short if they fail to meet tactile expectations. Geometry reigns supreme among the designer’s toolkit at Studio 7.5. Whether grappling with material properties, structural challenges, or optimizing efficiency, geometry provides the answers. Leveraging modern tools, they navigate even the most intricate design and production processes. Studio 7.5 challenges conventional notions of taste, recognizing that groundbreaking designs often defy established aesthetic norms. They eschew preconceived notions of taste, understanding that true innovation lies in pushing beyond the boundaries of convention.