Tellurico Design Studio

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Tellurico, a Netherlands-based multidisciplinary design studio, specializes in object and installation design, with a unique focus on exploring alternative solutions inspired by folklore and the interplay between crafts and the environment. Central to Tellurico’s practice is the contextual exploration of each project, delving into the historical, geological, and social facets of the surroundings. This approach intertwines with the essence of a place, capturing its uniqueness and everyday life simplicity.

Recognized for their innovative approach, Tellurico has received notable accolades, including being nominated among the Best Italian Designers Under 40 by Platform Magazine in 2020. Their project Telluride secured the prestigious Officine Saffi Awards in 2021, while in 2022, Tellurico was acknowledged as part of the Next Pure Talent of 2022 by Elle Decor. Further solidifying their reputation, in 2023, Tellurico was included in the AD20 List of the New Italian Rising Talent from AD-Italia.

Operating from the Netherlands, Tellurico continues to push the boundaries of design with their thoughtful and context-driven approach.