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U-ak, a Spanish design studio headquartered in Madrid, was established in 2011 by Marta Pascual. Their ethos centers around design as a force for social change, sustainability, and contemporary innovation, aiming to craft pieces that transcend mere aesthetics and functionality.

Since 2016, U-ak has fostered collaborations with textile workshops focused on social reintegration. This partnership not only supports the workers’ social growth but also adds an extra layer of value to their creations through meticulous craftsmanship.

The studio places great emphasis on sustainable materials, utilizing 100% wool felts, natural cottons, and incorporating biodegradable materials like PLA derived from vegetables, particularly through 3D printing in their latest collections. Beyond manufacturing processes, U-ak aims to imbue their pieces with avant-garde, contemporary design elements, often exploring circular and geometric shapes.

This exploration of form, color, and material lends a distinct identity to each creation. Throughout their journey, U-ak’s pieces have garnered recognition, being featured in prestigious events such as Milan, Dutch, and Madrid Design Weeks. Their products are available in specialized design stores in Madrid and through international e-commerce platforms.