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ultrasemplice, established in 2022 by Alice Mandelli, is more than just an independent design and upcycling brand; it’s a deliberate venture into introspective craftsmanship aimed at enriching both interiors and the human experience. Rejecting the clamor for validation, ultrasemplice emerges as a poignant protest against societal complexities, offering instead a serene refuge of simplicity.

Through minimalist design, sustainable materials, and a palette of “non-colors,” the brand strives to alleviate anxiety and foster self-connection. Each piece, meticulously crafted akin to a couturier’s attention to detail, exudes uniqueness and responsibility in production. With a focus on proportions, emotional well-being, and duality, ultrasemplice invites us to pause and contemplate, transcending the noise of modernity to rediscover the essence of simplicity.