Celebrating creativity and optimism – come explore DesignMarch 2022!

From over 100 exhibitions and 250 events – these are our 8 picks of projects brimming with material innovation, sustainability and endless inspiration.

Giving everyone inspiration for the future – Iceland’s largest festival DesignMarch 2022 brings together diverse talented designers with progressive design and innovation.

This vibrant platform for stimulating fresh ideas and perspectives with over 100 exhibitions and 250 events spread throughout – enriches and enhances society, especially during this time of uncertainty that the world is facing.

A feast to the eyes – scroll to view one-of-a-kind groundbreaking products based on functionality and aesthetics crafted with an innovative vision and sustainable materials!


Playful forms and an emphasis on circular material use from the construction industry seamlessly merge in the creations of ARKITÝPA by Ástríður Birna Árnadóttir FAÍ and Karitas Möller FAÍ.

This extraordinary exhibit in EPAL showcased ARKITÝPUR – designed objects based on innovative architectural drawings and form finding conceptual work, with an emphasis on the sustainability of raw materials.

Two tables fabricated from upcycled stone that would otherwise be discarded – were brilliantly featured in the final design. “Tons of leftover stone materials are thrown away by suppliers every year – our tables are made in collaboration with Granítsteinar, with the aim to reuse this” they say.

© ARKITÝPA - DesignMarch 2022

2. Flétta & Kristin Sigurðardóttir

Reshaping Mineral Wool – an exhibition in Sverrissalur in Hafnarborg museum gave a peek into and provided insight into Flétta and Kristín Sigurðardóttir’s ongoing research into the possibilities of recycling mineral wool and waste materials from its production.

“Mineral wool is one of the few building materials produced in Iceland and it’s mostly designed out of minerals sourced locally” says the duo.

Similar to the obsidian which is protected in Iceland – this skillfully created material is black and glasslike.

© Flétta & Kristin Sigurðardóttir

3. Freyja – Icelandic Eiderdown

Displayed at EPAL by Freyja Bergsveinsdóttir – Eiderdown is a unique, natural handmade product. Comprising high quality – it’s soft, incredibly lightweight and has high insulation properties.

“Unlike the down of most other birds, the Eiderdowns structure makes the individual feathers interlock with each other, creating air pockets that retain heat incredibly well” she says.

Its collars are designed to keep close by for keeping you warm when needed. Its exterior is nylon and the shell material is light – allowing the passage of air and it’s yet water repellent and additionally extremely durable.

The nylon shell couples perfectly with the star of the show; 100% eiderdown neatly tucked within.

© Freyja – Icelandic Eiderdown
© Freyja – Icelandic Eiderdown

4. Plastplan

Design and plastic recycling studio by Björn Steinar introduced “Everyday” at Gallery Port – a fascinating collection of furniture and household goods (read here the interview).

With a mélange of colorful and experimental designs – the studio emphasizes their belief that recycled plastic holds a lot of potential. “The products of “Everyday” are the results of years of development that Plastplan will keep building on” he says.

In the last years – Plastplan has designed, built machines and processes to recycle plastic they use to create various eclectic products in their Reykjavík studio.

© Plastplan
© Plastplan - DesignMarch 2022
© Plastplan

5. ID Reykjavik

Debuting their newest line in Bæjarbíó Hafnarfirði and EPAL – ID Reykjavik by Iris Agustsdottir and Freyja Arnadottir, fabricates Iceland inspired furniture and home accessories.

Their use of Icelandic lava combined with wood, leather and steel highlights a stunning and refined contrast. “The inspiration for the products is drawn from the soothing hues of Icelandic nature as well as architectural forms” they say.

Striving to design timeless pieces that age beautifully and can be passed down to generations – the products’ aesthetics are contemporary weaved together with a classic touch and quality craftsmanship.

© ID Reykjavik
© ID Reykjavik

6. Theodóra Alfreðsdóttir

With her work centering upon storytelling through objects – Theodóra Alfreðsdóttir premiered three types of alluring mirrors at Mikado.

Made from stainless steel – a variety of surface treatments are utilized to make the function of the object and its character.

These functional sculptures born from minimalistic three-dimensional sketches out of paper – were then translated into experimentation with the properties of stainless steel sheets.

The design uses how effortlessly these sheets can be bent and manipulated, as well as how different surface treatment changes their appearance and function. “Each of the mirrors is laser cut, folded twice and then the brushed section is finished off by hand” she says.

© Theodóra Alfreðsdóttir / Mirrors - DesignMarch 2022
© Theodóra Alfreðsdóttir

7. Hulda Katarína Sveinsdóttir

Revolving around innovative material research and ceramics – Hulda Katarína Sveinsdóttir introduced Clayscape at Núllið Gallerý.

A study of Icelandic
minerals – it aims to create ecological coloring methods and produce pure Icelandic pigments. The research involves the collection and documentation of Icelandic minerals as well as developing methods to process the raw materials.

“My primary goal is to develop an eco-friendly way to make wax crayons made out of pure Icelandic clay” she says.

© Hulda Katarína Sveinsdóttir

8. Innriinnri x Brút Restaurant

Teaming up with the food heroes of Brút restaurant – Innriinnri showcased new eye-catching ceramic works using Icelandic basalt in clay.

Researching several possibilities – the results are presented as a series of plates and bowls.

Utilizing substances from our local surroundings as well as discussing themes of imprint and our relationship with functional objects – they are deeply interested in how we connect with what we use, in communication through a natural vessel and simultaneously showcasing environmentally sustainable design.

“With In Clay – we’ve featured this natural matter of mineral origin in long-lasting geological events and the human involvement to model its material surroundings in these products. From earth to utility” they say.

© Innriinnri x Brút Restaurant - DesignMarch 2022
© Innriinnri x Brút Restaurant


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