How will post-Covid spaces be conceived? Call4Design is open!

It is now up to the designers to propose concepts that interpret these design challenges, in addition to those currently being defined

The countdown has started for the conclusion of the 2020 edition of HiHack, the Open Innovation program promoting the neonascent DesignTech which will arise within the MIND Milano Innovation District, being developed in the former Expo area by the developer Lendlease.

On the occasion of the recent Innovation DemoDay, the first design tracks, resulting from the collaboration between tech startups and companies participating in Call4Solutions, were presented live on the portal.

Representatives of Mangini Partitions, Kreon, Centrufficio, Estel Group and Cesare Roversi Arredamenti appeared on video, illustrating their respective innovation briefs.

It is now up to the designers to propose concepts that interpret these design challenges, in addition to those currently being defined.

This enters the heart of phase two of the initiative, or the Call4Design, scheduled until July 20

The final objective is to select new Covid compliant solutions that will be prototyped and positioned within the coworking spaces of the DesignTech Hub, whose inauguration is scheduled for October 2020.

The solutions that will be identified with this call will become part of the Product Book Workplaces of DesignTech for MIND.

HiHack’s Call4Design created by Hi-Interiors is aimed at Italian and foreign talents ready to apply for one or more project briefs created in Call4Solutions.

MIND _ DesignTech Hub 3

Professionals passionate about innovation, product designers, space designers, design studios and artists interested in interpreting the office of the future at the service of the increasingly smart needs of contemporary man and his post-coronavirus security.

According to Ivan Tallarico, CEO of Hi-Interiors,

“HiHack’s call is the first open innovation program that – by combining design, technological and social innovation variables – brings down the vision of DesignTech on vertical workplace, also expressed in the recent Whitepaper – DesignTech for the Future. In the near future, the goal is to replicate this system on some of the other verticals indicated in the paper.”

In addition, we should also mention the recent activity promoted in parallel by DesignTech aimed at mobilizing a large sector task force to outline the contours of the new world in which we will live following the health emergency.

DesignTech for the Future, the White Paper

For the first time, leading design and architecture studios worldwide have joined together with experts and reference companies in different sectors to make the Italian System, institutions and business world, an unprecedented “White Paper” entitled “DesignTech for the Future” on the role of post Covid design developed through 19 thematic working groups.

From real estate to education (and research), from living (also for more fragile targets and for co-living solutions) to office spaces, with the specific declination of the world of banks, from health places to restaurants, from retail world to that of hospitality, up to a focus on mobility, social innovation and the supply chain, with particular attention also to public spaces.

MIND _ DesignTech Hub _ Ivan Tallarico
Ivan Tallarico, CEO of Hi-Interiors

And in the most recent insights on wellness, behavior design and virtual twin.

“Given the centrality of the role of design in the public debate on phase two, we were called upon to imagine the future of spaces to quickly plan a return to safety in what will be the new daily life.”

Continues Ivan Tallarico, CEO of Hi-Interiors and promoter of the initiative.

The White Paper (available here) collects the contributions of all the architecture and design studios involved to propose a state of the art outlook, guidelines in the relationship between public and private and above all operational solutions that integrate design and technology to transform the different spaces of post Covid daily life.

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