DesignWanted Award: the shortlist is announced!

The DesignWanted Award Call for Entries ended on January 31, 2023. We are now happy to announce the projects that have been selected for the official shortlist

We’re thrilled to announce the conclusion of the first phase of the inaugural edition of the DesignWanted Award. Over 1,500 applications from over 40 countries poured in for both the Product and Concept categories, all in response to the theme of ‘Smart Home’.

Only 30 projects in the Product category and 10 in the Concept category made the cut for the official shortlist we’re revealing today.

We’re grateful to our partners who have supported us from the start, including PepsiCo, DesignTech, Shin Software, Boston Design Week 2023, Designmonat Graz, Design Week Mexico, Hong Kong Design Center, HAUS, New Designers and OBJECT Rotterdam, for helping us reach over 3 million people globally with our digital communication campaign, so far.

Take a look at the shortlisted projects

Among the entrants, there are independent designers, design studios, startups, and companies, each with their own vision for a smarter home.

© DesignWanted Award – Product design shortlisted

Product design category (30 shortlisted projects):

  1. (C)heir by Nagy Tamas Mate
  2. A chair by Studio Jacobo Cuesta Wolf
  3. Alchemy Moon Charger by MATERIK
  4. Backup by Dezin
  5. Bryce by NextHeat
  6. Bügal by Middel & Ridder
  7. Calenda by Laure Gremion studio
  8. Cutout by Millim Studio
  9. Đậm Đà by Ann T. Dinh
  10. Elevation lamp by Alexander Schul Design
  11. Flis Tabel modules by Finkeldei design
  12. Hoek Home by Conor Coghlan
  13. H-beam shaelf by Fengfan Yang
  14. Hi Mer! by Yusca Studio & Tzulaï
  15. Kara by Thomas Mair
  16. Kopā dining table by Clara Brandt
  17. Lari by Theodore Simon
  18. Litre Smart Water System by Geology Studio
  19. Multo by Prêt à Pousser
  20. Noospheere by SC Catrinel Studio
  21. Omnee.m by Synthesis
  22. Pietro by Pietro Grinders
  23. Rollerjet by Jisan Chung
  25. Salus by Lucie Herter
  26. Spiral by Bored Eye
  27. Tai Side Table by SUNRIU Design
  28. Tara by Simon Schmitz Studio
  29. Tiny Eco by Lavazza
  30. Vespertine by studio sugar

Check out all the shortlisted projects in the Product category here.

DesignWanted Award - Shortlist announced
© DesignWanted Award – Concept design shortlisted

Concept design category (10 shortlisted projects):

  1. Cisco Home Hub by Emile Chuffart, Heinrich Zaunschirm
  2. Dipolo by Compex
  3. Dodola by Pjorkkala
  4. Grow lamp by Moss Forms
  5. HMMR by Mario Alessiani
  6. MonkeyBots by
  7. NakedPak by Naama Nicotra
  8. Ori lamp by Samriti Gosain, Neeraj R Jawale
  9. Pen case lamp by Zil Shah
  10. Purific by Arcelik Global

Check out all the shortlisted projects in the Concept category here.

The theme: Smart Home

What will the home of tomorrow look like? Not in a distant future, but an accessible and immediate one, filled with products and solutions that are effective, intuitive, useful, charming, and sustainable.

In curating the selection, various factors were considered, including aesthetics, production processes, product benefits, energy and resource consumption, environmental and social impact, and associated elements. The goal was to create a selection of projects that could seamlessly integrate into everyone’s daily life from day one.

A smart home doesn’t have to be hyper-technological. A home is smart when it improves the lives of those who live in it and reduces the impact of purchasing choices on external supply chains.

Next step

Starting today, the DesignWanted Award jury session will take place, where our international panel of judges will vote on the shortlisted projects, evaluating them based on the following criteria:

  • Aesthetics
  • Usability
  • Innovation
  • Market Potential
  • Viability
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Social Responsibility

As a result of this session, which will take approximately 10 days, the top 10 winners in the Product Design category and the top 3 in the Concept Design category will be announced. The winners will be displayed in Milan during the upcoming Design Week (17-23 April) at the DesignWanted exhibit space.

Check out the list of shortlisted projects here!

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