EDIT Napoli 2023 solidifies its status as a prominent event within the industry

Through thoughtful selection, this year’s edition of EDIT Napoli has chosen 100 exhibitors, encompassing independent designers, authors, creators, and producers from around the world

The conclusion of EDIT Napoli 2023 once again solidifies its status as a prominent event within the industry of editorial and author design. The event was hosted for the first time at the Archivio di Stato di Napoli, drawing a significant crowd of attendees.

Visitors flocked to explore the creations of the 100 exhibitors hailing from various corners of the world, including industry experts, professionals, and buyers in search of innovative offerings, alongside representatives from specialized press.

EDIT Napoli 2023 _ post-event _ STAMULI ALLESTIMENTO ATRIO+BAR VERY SIMPLE KITCHEN _ ©Francesco_Stelitano
EDIT Napoli 2023, Very Simple Kitchen x Stamuli – © Francesco_Stelitano

The exhibition layout at Archivio di Stato, designed by the Stockholm-based interior and product studio STAMULI, is rooted in addressing the significant material waste produced by temporary events and fairs. This concept embraces circularity in multiple ways: it incorporates materials from previous installations into the exhibition spaces and prioritizes the use of recycled, recyclable, and reusable materials for the entrance hall.

Year after year the projects presented at the fair become increasingly mature, we are very satisfied with the increase in visitors, the consolidation of international presences, both on the exhibitor side (this year they arrived from all over the world), as well as from the partnerships signed by EDIT with leading companies within the European cultural and entrepreneurial panorama“, say Emilia Petruccelli and Domitilla Dardi, founder of EDIT Napoli.

Awarded projects at EDIT Napoli 2023

This year, the judging panel recognized outstanding new projects with awards. In the main area, the Tracce pouf by ruga.perissinotto emerged as the winner. This project, rooted in research to revive the historical wool of northeastern Italy, is part of a collection of handcrafted garments made from Alpago and Lamon wool—an eco-friendly and natural material that eliminates the need for manufacturing processes or dyeing.

EDIT Napoli 2023 _ post-event _ ruga.perissinotto
EDIT Napoli 2023, ruga.perissinotto

In the Seminario section, which supports design talents under 30 and brands established within the last three years, Giorgio Bena claimed the prize with his Lockwerk Shelf. Bena, born in 1995, presents the second product from the Lockwerk collection, emphasizing an aesthetic reminiscent of a workshop rather than conventional “industrial” furniture, drawing inspiration from a form of brutalist classicism.

EDIT Napoli 2023, Seminario, Giorgio Bena – © Eller Studio

Additionally, a special mention was bestowed upon Rehub‘s Nasse collection. This collection transforms waste from Murano glass factories into a paste suitable for 3D printing at room temperature, highlighting innovative and sustainable practices.

EDIT Napoli 2023, Rehub

The expert committee, consisting of Manuela Barretta, design+art projects manager of YOOX; internationally acclaimed designer Tom Dixon; Marina Lazarus Million-Brodaz, a buyer and design expert from Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche; designer Hannes Peer; and Alessandro Valenti, the web director of ELLE Decor Italia, identified in these awarded projects the values of intelligent design, profound respect for cultural heritage, ethical and sustainable considerations, and a well-balanced pricing structure.


As always, the EDIT CULT initiatives added a rich dimension to the three-day program, offering widespread exhibitions dedicated to cultural projects that aimed to open iconic locations in Naples to the public while showcasing internationally renowned works within them.

EDIT CULT, Ranieri – © Eller Studio

The success of these initiatives garnered significant interest from both Italian and international design entities. For instance, Agape and Agapecasa presented “Casa Mangiarotti” at the Santobono Pausilipon Foundation, while the same location also hosted the “Materia Prima” installation by Gallery Elena and PSLab, in collaboration with Altromodo Architects.

Sabine Marcelis and La Prairie transformed Palazzo Donn’Anna in Posillipo with “The Cobalt House,” and the Church Museum of Santa Luciella served as the stage for the work of artist-designer Allegra Hicks, who showcased “Lucielle” at EDIT Napoli for the second time.

EDIT CULT _ Galleria Elena and PSLab with Altromodo Architects_Fondazione Santobono Pausilipon _ ph Eller Studio
EDIT CULT, Galleria Elena and PSLab with Altromodo Architects, Fondazione Santobono Pausilipon – © Eller Studio

Palazzo Marigliano became the venue for Pedrali and DWA Design Studio‘s “UNICO” project, while the cloister of Santa Maria la Nova hosted “Lava” by Ranieri—a striking installation that skillfully blended craftsmanship and design.

At the Basilica of Santa Maria della Sanità, Feudi di San Gregorio and Fabio Novembre paid tribute to maestro Riccardo Dalisi one year after his passing with a unique installation that celebrated his legacy.


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