The best projects we have seen at EDIT Napoli 2022

Get acquainted with the most impressive design projects presented in EDIT Napoli 2022

Autumn is a busy season in the design world; October 9th marked the end of the fourth consecutive edition of EDIT Napoli.

The fair focuses on authorial and independent design, showcasing the works of designers from all across the world. Since the event is based on the principles of sustainability and quality over quantity, this year’s projects had to embody the same ideas too.

DesignWanted was proud to be a media partner for EDIT Napoli 2022 and selected nine projects that are great examples of high-level craftsmanship and design.

1. Zdora Project by Serena Confalonieri x Very Simple Kitchen & La Pietra Compattata

Simple, practical, and colorful kitchen – this is how you can best describe Zdora – an installation provided by Serena Confalionieri in collaboration with Very Simple Kitchen and La Pietra Compattata.

The idea of the project comes from an image of a family Sunday lunch consumed on a traditional checkered tablecloth.

©Serena Eller Vainicher

The pattern is then updated and reinterpreted through Serena Confalioneri’s chromatic selection. 

La Pietra Compattata created the project’s surfaces, which are made using natural raw materials like porphyry, quartz, and granite.

2. Archetypes Collection by Studio Joachim Morineau

One of the highlights of the fair was the magnificent work of Studio Joachim Morineau.

Their Archetypes Collection was unified by the use of the same materials – acrylic, standardized aluminum profiles, and laser cut sheets. The designers – Carla and Jordan – were inspired by a number of Latin and Greek sources. 

Archetypes collection - The best projects in EDIT Napoli 2022
Archetypes collection

Their goal was to build a bridge between two periods – Ancient Greece and Industrial Era.

With their work, they managed to create objects that seem to combine both of these aesthetics.

3. Lissa Collection by Medaarch

A project that stood out in EDIT Napoli 2022 was Lissa Collection by Medaarch.

Composed of two armchairs and a coffee table, the collection was created looking at eco-sustainability.

Medaarch_Ph. Serena Eller Vainicher - The best projects in EDIT Napoli 2022
© Serena Eller Vainicher

The brand made sure its products wouldn’t harm the environment – they were made of pla, which is the most widely used plastic filament material in 3D printing.

Thanks to its soft padded seat, the Lissa armchair doesn’t just look good – it also feels nice.

The soft cushion and the 3D-printed is a fun yet functional combination.

4. Mesoamerican Series by Galapagos

Design should free imagination and create happiness in one’s own space – this is what Milan-based design brand Galapagos believes.

So for EDIT Napoli 2022, its founders, Adriana Testavarde and Alessandro Pigoni, offered a set of two chairs and a side table inspired by monumental stone buildings and the stories they told and the mysteries they held.

The series was created as an anthem to exploration through discovery and imagination.

© Arianna Bonucci

The unique products are made of inox steel sheets and a mechanical polish surface finishing.

In the design process, Galapagos used a number of techniques, such as laser-cut, hydraulic bending, and welding.

5. Cutout by Millim Studio

Landfills turn into looming mountains of trash.

Waste is a significant global issue, so Cutout is a project that couldn’t be more relevant in today’s world.

Using metal shapes that have been ‘cut out’ from other projects, Millim Studio, founded by Chiara Pellicano and Edoardo Giammarioli, looks at ways to give abandoned forms a new life.

Their Cutout project comprises two collections, one featuring vases and the second focusing on tables.

© Emanuele Chiaverini

6. Dolmen Collection by Dante Negro

Through Margherita Rui’s vision, the concept of outdoor living is once again renewed.

The art director of Dante Negro focuses on a gazebo.

Dante Negro_Ph. Serena Eller Vainicher - The best projects in EDIT Napoli 2022
© Serena Eller Vainicher

Wraparound shapes, natural colors, and organic geometries all integrate into her design, creating an outdoor habitat that has a strong connection with nature.

As the team reveals, the project has challenged the brand’s know-how, pushing them to work beyond limits.

7. INSIDE / OUT. Come un Giardino by Cimento

Next on our list of favorites is Cimento and its exhibition “INSIDE / OUT. Come un Giardino ” which sets the bar high for creativity, innovative production processes, and experimentation.

For their installation, the brand displayed a selection of novelty products from their 2019 furniture line. 

The Torcello chairs showed new finishes (designed by Defne Koz, Marco Susani, and Patricia Urquiola), while the Frari coffee tables followed the theme of the dualism of processes and included a finish that was half smooth and half sandblasted.

© Serena Eller Vainicher

8. Bogdan Collection by Studio Intervallo

Born from a single trunk of linden wood, the Bogan collection is a mono-materic piece of furniture, which can be characterized by a distinguished color line.

studiointervallo_Bogdan bench_2022_DAILY_03_© Giulio Boem - The best projects in EDIT Napoli 2022
© Giulio Boem

The work of Studio Intervallo and its founder Andrea Ghisoni consists of two parts – the cones arranged in a circle and the top, which serves as a unifying part of the product. Studio Intervallo received a special mention for the main area of the fair.

9. Vendemmiaio Collection by Errante

In this edition of EDIT Napoli, Errante presented Torax Chair as part of their Vendemmiaio Collection.

The product is made with simple folded sheet metal with a thickness of 2.5 mm. Following the concept of origami, it embodies the immaterial spirit of a chair.

Thanks to the small design measures used, Torax Chair is incredibly strong in its function. 

The brand’s founders, Ivan Lomuti and Gabriele Villa have always tried to find a balance between aesthetics and functionality, and the Torax Chair follows the same idea too.

Torax - The best projects in EDIT Napoli 2022
Torax Chair

This year, EDIT Napoli brought together Italian and international exhibitors, focusing on the concept of ‘slow’ design. Nowadays, good design is not just about aesthetics or functionality.

It’s also about fairness, equality, appropriateness, and sustainability, and these projects are great proof it’s possible to follow all these principles without compromising on quality.


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