Smart roads by Electreon charge your electric car while driving

Electreon tested in Israel the first road that will charge electric cars on the go while providing data and real time communications.

Electreon is a global leader in developing and implementing electric roads. They are the creators of a technology based on the inductive transmission of electricity, which holds great potential to change the future of mobility.

With the Dynamic Wireless Charging project, the company has created a smart road that will quickly and efficiently transform our public infrastructures in an advanced source of energy. As a result, our public transportation will not require any refueling or charging anytime whatsoever.

Electreon invented a technology based on the indicative transmission of electricity that charge cars on the go

Thanks to Electreon, electric vehicles will receive continuous power while driving directly over the infrastructure embedded under the asphalt.

The smart road will be created placing narrow copper coil at the center of the line under the pavement, which then transmits wireless energy through magnetic fields to the cars. This will replace the heavy and expensive battery with limited driving rate and the short lifetime, that vehicles were carrying around. With this groundbreaking technology, you will be driving nonstop.

New smart road will just need copper coil positioned under the asphalt and an electricity connection

Our city’s landscape will change dramatically. No more gas stations, no more battery charging stations, and as the number of vehicles traveling on the smart roads increases, air pollution will decrease.

The upgrading of a mile of asphalt road will take just a couple of days since it will only require the positioning of the copper coil and to be connected to the electricity. This means that this new technology is extremely efficient and very affordable.

Eletreon’s technology will have a long lifetime and minimal maintenance required, making it very cost-effective and robust. Also, it will have the ability to provide smart data and real-time communications with each vehicle to facilitate the implementation of autonomous driving.

Cars will need to be upgraded with a receiver installed under the chassis

Vehicles will need an upgrade too in order to benefit of the Dynamic Charge Wireless road: a receiver installed at the bottom of the car.

Their first successful site test is on a boarding school campus outside Tel Aviv, where the company has placed copper coils under 900 feet of circular pavement that transmit recharging wireless energy to an electric Renault Zoe test car as it drives by.

As the first trying test is successfully completed the company is ready to work all over the world, with the help of International partners like Renault. Their aim is to install a dynamic wireless charge on the main roads for public transport and then moving to all the others and also on cars.

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Electreon’s road will have the ability to provide smart data and real-time communications with each vehicle

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